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2 Poems I want to share

Hi I just wanted to share two poems I wrote earlier in the year. Im not a 'poet' but I enjoy writing poetry ..if that makes any sense ..lol.

Is there one, more wayward than I
The ways that I presumed I would never meet again
Oh he’s a charmer, the dance within his gaze
he’s been watching me for some time –tamed and with reserve
Just as I smiled, deriding his attempts,
he attacked
oh he’s a charmer, that one
His presence is relentless, his attempts promote dependence
I cannot permit pride to initiate my demise,
I cannot allow my flesh to authorize the duration of its time
Until then ..its time
Lord forgive me.

My Heart’s Forum
Today is the day oh Lord that I rededicate my existence to you
Convey to the world that I have not been true to you
For I consented to become a pawn of demons
And permitted my flesh to be mesmerized by men
For my will was feeble and I sacrificed my foundation for pleasure
The measure
Of your love is nonexistent
Wonderfully infinite
And is not adjacent
To man’s ability to comprehend
Who shall need or desire the love of men
When your grace lives within
My heart
I think they rock! For a lack of a better word, great job BlessedintheCity, they are really awesome.

God bless
Wow thats good, but in a sad way. I know what your saying but i havnt experienced that situation myself. My sympathy to you. But good job writting them. Please keep them comming.:boy_hug:

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