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2 guys to choose from wade n tim

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he is 23; he occasionally drinks doesnt smoke he wants everything for him but he says he loves me but he did get me to see my son again after 3 months. he loves to go to the movies with me he lives with his mom and stepdad he drives a truck he does believe in God and goes to church he can be loving when he feels like it

he is 23; he doesnt smoke occasionally drinks he is about listening to me and wants to do what is right like me. he loves to go out to eat with me he lives with his mom and dad he drives a car he somewhat believes in God not sure if he goes to church or not he seems to be more loving

which guy would u choose and why??

Love, Diana31483
The obvious key is to pray to God about it because no one can tell you who is right for you. God sees the heart and intentions, so he's the only one that will show you the right person(Daniel 2:22), but you must be willing to be open to whatever revelation comes from God. It will help if you fasted as well because your spirit hears from God clearly. May the Lord give you wisdom and understanding and may his will be done in your life. God bless

Well hon,yes noone can make the decision for you,but one is a believer,one isnt?!But do you love either of them?God might have someone else for you!You need to seek him for the answers!Dont make a hasty decision,pray and yes fasting is good!This is a big decision,you want God in on it!GBU!Love,Sister!
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You are both right God has someone for me it may not be Wade or Tim but more so I'm into Wade because of the things he told me about my son Brian but Tim has also helped me in other ways so I am going to ask God who is right for me!!! just continue to pray for me at this time!!

Love, Diana31483
:pray: I am praying for you & adding you to my daily prayer list.

Remember: God is love, if love isn't there all the time neither is God.
thanx for your prayers

i am not with either guy i am with a 19 yr old named elliott that i dont have to make neither one of these guys sad tim knows about it but wade doesnt he has been away on and off this summer so i havent had the time to tell him and not sure if i want to but im friends with wade and tim just pray for me and elliott that things work out the way it should... elliott and i been together for a month now so thats good :shade:
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