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#2 A Sunday with Jesus

Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by Bill, Mar 11, 2018.

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  1. May the Lord Bless us Always.

    There are many experiences that we all have in the Lord. I encourage everyone to share, even the little things.

    As a truck driver my routes go all over the country. The Lord sets my life in motion, but it is also up to me to do His will.

    I had to stop in Goergia by 12 noon on a saturday. Oversize loads are not allowed to move after that in this state. I believe it was Exit 7. I went to the TA truckstop.

    Later in the afternoon i looked on my gps for a church within 20 miles. There were many. So asking the Lord which church do you want me at, one stood out among the crowd, Christian Deliverance Center, in Jennings, Fl.

    I wrote down the number, but then forgot to call, sidetracked.

    Early Sunday morning (4:30), i woke up, remembering i needed to call to find out what time the service was. Honestly, i wasnt thinking, and called. The call went to voicemail. (I was thinking, oh nuts. I hope i didnt wake anyone up). But i left the message.

    A few minutes later i got a phone call back from Pastor Charles. I apologized for such an early call, and he was in good humor about it.

    Later Sunday morning, i bobtailed (tractor only) to the church. I parked where he told me to and went in.

    Before the service began, the Pastor invited me to sit next to him for the service. It was an odd feeling, as i had never sat up on the dias before.

    The music was loud. And i was thinking i must be like an oreo cookie. The children who came in gave me a stare down. It made me laugh. But everything changed for the tention of the children when i went over to the kids (during a clapping song) and got them into it.

    As the music stopped, i went back to my seat. 2 different people did the preaching and i have to say, i was surprized and impressed at the depth of the preaching.

    Afterwards was a alter call. Not just for someone new, but for those to be renewed as well.

    One lady started weeping loudly. She was begging God to forgive her. In all of her crying she dropped to the floor.

    The Lord then spoke to me. He said, "Tell her I said her sins are forgiven". I replied, i'll wait for her to get up. The Lord replied, "no, do it now". I said, i'll look like an idiot. The Lord replied, "well look like an idiot then".

    Who can argue with that, lol

    So i got down on the floor next to her. The music was loud. But i spoke loudly to her what the Lord had told me.

    At the end of the service, i asked the Pastor if he would mind if i spoke. I told them of my experience with the Lord about Mike Maybury. The same story i wrote here. (A Sunday with Jesus).

    After the service was over, i spoke to a number of people all of whom the Lord wanted me to talk with.

    The lady the Lord had me speak with was the Pastors daughter. The Pastor is a spirit filled man.
    He told me later, the Spirit urged him to wake up and call me back. And when he saw me speak to his daughter, he was at peace.

    If you are ever near North Fl. On I-75. Jennings is just a couple of miles to the East.

    Sincerely, bill
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  2. @Bill

    You are very fortunate to be led like that to places where God is not muzzled and you are led and allowed to fill a need. God is most certainly still at work. Thank you for continuing to share here.
  3. If i may. I know that you dont think this, and i am grateful for that. Others may read this and think im trying to set myself up on some stupid totem pole. Not at all. I will be happy to knock myself down from it.

    I dont feel the Christians as a whole talk freely enough in showing the Glory of Jesus in thier lives.

    Almost like we give credit to the devil and forget who the creator is.

    Sorry, i get carried away sometimes
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  4. I am retired and belong to couple of other online Christian forums and have witnessed too much of putting on a false front. Considering that really lukewarm Christians seldom take the time to join a really sincere Christian forum, it raises up a warning flag in me when someone on such forums seems to be really missing the Way...

    Many people will act carefully Christ-like [or their misconceived notion of Christ-likeness] among those they believe to be Christian but among unbelievers they undergo an immediate and radical character change.

    A little double mindedness may be expected early in the walk of a new Christian convert, but if he is sincere and has the right encouragement the many of the ways of the old man peeking through will be overcome soon enough and the new man will be what onlookers [and hearers] see and hear.

    "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." James 1:8

    "Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be." James 3:10
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  5. Again, thank you
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