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1st grader needs serious prayer

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Jesus_is_LORD, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Hello, please pray for a 1st grader by with the initials JH. I work with him as a therapist and I think there are some
    serious spiritual forces of darkness aganist him.

    I had a previous prayer request for healing and I posted it here on TalkJesus and I received miraculous personal healing so I know we have some serious prayer warriors here, which is why I believe God will answer this prayer.

    JH has extreme behavioral issues, his parents recently separated and he struggles in school with attacking the teaching and threatening to shoot staff. He has spit on adults, attacked them, and these last 4 days had to be sent home for out of control behavoirs. I'm his therapist so I know how abnormal and how severe the situation is.

    Please pray for God to bring peace to his heart, heal him of the anger, and rebuke any unclean spirits upon him. Please pray protection upon yourself prior to making this request as sometimes when you are battle strong forces of darkness they may come against you when you try to cast them out of their home. Thanks in advanced for the prayers.
  2. Glad to pray. In some cases, people want the power that comes with the in-habitation, Sometimes God will not separate out those spirits, because the human shell likes what comes with it too much to want to be free of it, and God loves to give us choices, its our choices that define us. But a first grader, its unlikely that they want any evil spirit residing inside them.
  3. praying for JH
  4. Also joining in prayer for JH.
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  5. Thanks everyone for your prayers.

    Mom does not know that I'm praying for her son but today she sent me a message stating
    thanks for everything you are doing.

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  6. Just wanted to share that I'm seeing very very positive signs concerning my prayers being answered.
    Things are looking much much better. Thanks so much for your prayers. AMEN :).
  7. Thank you for the update.

    Thank you Jesus
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  8. Praise the Lord.

    That is good to hear @Jesus_is_LORD
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