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The time has come for me to unfold. my life journey has been long untold. As a kid a I was raised a catholic member. Whatever I have learned I can not remember. God and Jesus was always upon us. Do not worry and always have faith and trust. As life goes on and I get a little older. One sees a harsh world and learns to be bolder. The time of Christ was slowly dissolving, from satanic rock to the streets evolving. The glits and glam was the only thing real. Everything corrupted made of drugs and steel.

Living at home was not easy at all.Always grounded and stuck, no phone calls.So I went out on my own to live the life. Those days you live by the gun and a knife. A decade pasted and I am now homeless,hopping house to house forever restless. I can choose to be sheltered if I stay in a clan. Independence out the door being someones left to right hand man. Testing the drugs to stay awake. Meeting with friends after and knocking out on their plate.Wrong state of mind wrong state of health. Many bad decisions leading to the less common wealth.

As time goes by and now on my feet. Working to pay the bills working to have somewhere to sleep.
I start to pray and ask myself why, what have I done to make me wanna die.Doing drugs again to make my brain fry.Clubbing and raving and having tons of fun. spending that money like you're the richest one. Investments can sometimes not be forever. Life advice you will now have to endeavor.

Fallen again but falling real fast. The American dream seems like a culture clash. I pray again and ask myself why, what have I done to make me wanna die.This time I noticed something strange. I asked for forgiveness and make my life rearrange. I'm sorry for always blaming you,for always asking for miracles and not pulling through.For always asking for signs but too blind to see. For living my worldly life though you are still here for me.