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160,000 people die every day,Whats their eternal destiny

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Between 40,000 and 150,000 people go to Hell every day.

  • Totally irrelevant: there is nothing we can do to alter the eternal destiny of these people.

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Poll Survey: The World’s Mortality Rate

Over 162,000 will die on an average day. What is their eternal destiny? Obviously, we have no idea. However, some people have estimated that only 7% of the world’s population adheres to the Biblical plan of salvation. Even if that estimate is totally wrong and the number is actually 70%, that still means that over 48,000 are going to Hell every day.

What is the relevancy of these numbers? Should these numbers have any impact on our lives? I’m conducting a poll and would like your opinion on this issue.


World’s population: 7.08 billion
A little less than 1% (0.837%) of the world’s population died last year
7.08 billion x .837% (.00837) = 59,259,600 deaths a year
59,259,600 divided by 365 days = 162,355 deaths a day
162,355 x 30% (.30) = 48,706 people going to Hell
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Greetings @IceAndFire1328

It is hard to even comprehend the enormity of the figures you have presented....all those souls going to a lost eternity.
I have to ask the Lord to search my heart....
Where is my compassion for even one of them?
For those around me, for my neighbours?

This thread makes me cry out.....O Lord make my heart so burn with compassion for the lost, that I am compelled by love to share the gospel everyday.

Each individual has to make a choice before the Lord to accept His gift of Salvation of to reject Him

However, as Christians we have a responsibility to share the gospel to this dying world

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature
Mark 16:15

Go out into the highways....and compel them to come in
Luke 14:23
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If Born again we go Home to New Jerusalem ! Right away , so fast we do not have time for one thought !
If Not born -again we go to hell ! It a slow dropping process in Great fear !
There we suffer and wait for the judgment day !
Personally I think many change in there thinking in hell ?

Salvation is a free gift , there is no reason for any to Go to hell ! when He offers Free Salvation to all of Mankind! He paid the price for us !