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14-Year-Old Leads ‘Miserable Life’ After Being Injured by Vaccines as an Infant

Important points:
  • Laura, who at the age of 2 months first experienced adverse events following a DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, or whooping cough) vaccine.
  • according to her mother, with allergic reactions to “almost everything,” including but not limited to food, dust and environmental contaminants. This forces Laura, who experiences difficulty eating, to follow a strict diet. The allergies also interfere with Laura’s studies.
  • Laura previously had received the hepatitis B vaccine and Vitamin K at birth — the former without her parents’ knowledge, according to documentation provided by her family.
  • A February 2021 medical report from the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center indicated that on Oct. 1, 2008, doctors “observed jerks” which were “always [on] the right side of the body at first, and could have [the] left eye deviated inward.”
  • Her family’s medical documentation states that Laura “most likely … has Immunoglobulin G [IgG, a type of antibody] to all the other proteins injected through vaccines.” Therefore, “when she eats food containing these proteins, she gets inflamed,” a reality that makes it “very hard” for her family to feed her.
  • The same document also addresses the heavy metals found in the vaccines Laura took, including high quantities of aluminum, confirmed by a diagnosis Laura received of “heavy metal overload” — although this diagnosis was later changed to “metabolic disorder,” as doctors “do not have that diagnosis on the drop-down list.”

Any sane person would be reading the ingredients list in EVERYTHING. Insult anti-vaxxers whatever their stance may be but they have valid reasons than being a brainless robot and taking whatever is pushed.