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1 samuel 15:3, a loving God??

why does God tell a person to go forth and kill women and children in 1 samuel 15:3? a repeated motif in mideast religions? why are these faiths like Christianity and Islam so intolerant and violent?...Think I'll switch to Buddhism, those folks were around before Christ and are far more kind and peaceful (maybe 'cause they're non-theistic?). Anyhow, any feedback to 1 samuel would be appreciated. Thanks, bless you all,
Staff Member
By your other 6 blaspehmous posts and selfish comments you clearly have no intention but to be a mocking blasphemous person against GOD.

for your info il teel you wot my footnotes says.

Why did God command such utter destruction?
The Amalekites were a band of guerilla terrorists. They lived attacking other nations and carrying off thier wealth and their families. They were first to attack the Isrealites as they entered the promised land and contined to raid the israelite camps at every oppurtunity. God knew the Isrealites could never live peacefully in the promised land as long as the Amalekites existed.
The only way to protect the israelites bodies and souls was to destroy the people of theis warlike nation and all thier possesions, including thier idols. Amen