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1 peter study

Sorry I missed this, let us know how Bible study goes and what you got out of it. God bless
Staff Member

Not too long ago the study group I attend spent several weeks without getting past the first chapter of 2Peter. I know you are about to study 1Peter and I encourage you to dig deep and enjoy all that the Lord has for you to see in it.
There's a lot in Peter's Letters My advice would be to aim at going slowly and really looking at each verse in comparison with other Scripture. At the same time, try to read at least one chapter before starting and if needed read it out again. It doesn't take too long to read it all, if someone has a good voice you can all hear clearly. I stopped writing then and it only took me a few minutes to read the first two chapters.
Reading out loud in a group is a good practice if everyone is keen.

I think that if you are really interested in learning as you study, the Lord is happy to help you learn and see the gems in His Scriptures.

But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you. 1Peter 1:25

Bless you ....><>
it took us two weeks to get through james usually we read a paragraph or two then discuss that seems to beworking well i love it when it takes a long time to get through a book i love long discussions iron sharpens iron
from my notes a year ago or so

. Peter is written to encourage all Christians to stay strong in there faith especially now since they were under going persecution. Peter was the apostle to the Jews, (Paul was the gentile). Election is spoken of also

Our Life should represent the best of our abilities to be Christ like life. As our spiritual maturity grows so will our understanding of the word of God or vice versa. We should try to live a sinless life like Jesus did to shine by example in a fallen world. Jesus took on all the sins of the world so we could be saved and have eternal life with him. He did everything perfect, we should try to be like him as much as possible

thats my quick summary of what I got for chapt 1 and 2 I am sure I missed a lot of stuff I look forward to what others have to say
Staff Member
Unto you therefore which believe He is precious
1 Peter 2:7

Greetings @grateful4grace

I pray your Bible studies will be blessed.

Spurgeon did a series of Bible sermons on 1 Peter which can be looked up online
I'm not endorsing Spurgeon but one thing that shines through his works was his love for the Lord.

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