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09/09/2004: GFA - The True Peace Giver

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09/09/2004: The True Peace Giver

Growing up in a tribal family in India, Phwidan (right) had a father who made sure he adhered to their religious traditions. The family celebrated a festival in honor of their god.

Yet how is it that for all his dedication, he has no peace? Phwidan had to wonder. In his father’s quest for peace, he met a Christian who shared the Gospel with him. His life was transformed and he asked Jesus to save him. Phwidan’s mother soon followed suit.

In sixth grade at the time, Phwidan could see the change in his parents. Through their encouragement, he attended church and Sunday school. At vacation Bible school, he found out more about Jesus. This proved to be the turning point in his life. “Understanding that Christ died on the cross for my redemption,” Phwidan said, “I surrendered to Jesus, inviting Him to be my Savior.”

VBS leaders challenged the youth to give his life for the Lord’s service. Though he didn’t yet know how the Lord would choose to use him, he desired this. “The days that followed were exciting for me,” he remembers. “Peace and joy flooded my heart.”

With a passion to know Jesus more deeply, Phwidan worshipped with his church body and publicly professed his new faith. Taking such a stand to follow Christ, his family soon experienced persecution from their community. They lost their source of income and became poor. Yet the family grew closer to their Savior and found solace in Him. “The Lord was with us in our trials, carrying us in His hands,” Phwidan relates. “Moreover, we decided we would never turn back. Rather, we will follow Jesus.”

The Lord continued to walk with Phwidan and strengthen his faith. Soon he started witnessing to his peers. As he prayed, the Lord directed him to prepare for full-time ministry—and opened the door for his enrollment in a GFA Bible college. Today, at age 30, a man who wondered if he would ever find peace is pointing others to Jesus, the true peace giver.