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09/08/2004: GFA - Out of the Asylum

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Sep 10, 2004.

  1. 09/08/2004: Out of the Asylum

    Whatever he did, Majesh couldn’t forget that he had been unable to find help for his grown son. Shaji was now in an asylum, the only place Majesh knew of that could possibly help him. Majesh and his wife longed for their son to be made whole.

    When Shaji first started showing signs of mental retardation, Majesh took him to one doctor after another. The more doctors and medications they tried, the more money they spent—but nothing helped.

    As Shaji’s condition grew worse, he became abusive to his family. Even his wife left him and went back to her parents. Shaji was committed to an asylum. Had he lost his son forever? Majesh had to wonder.

    Though it seemed there was no hope left for Shaji, one day Majesh heard of a pastor nearby who served the Christian God. Someone told him he should take Shaji to the pastor and ask for prayer, that maybe his son would be delivered. Hearing this, Majesh brought Shaji to Pastor Seeni, who prayed earnestly and with compassion for the troubled young man.

    Majesh was delighted to see his son become completely whole, his mind restored. The pastor shared about Jesus, and now Shaji has a new “home” instead of the asylum: He attends the GFA Believers Church, celebrating the Lord’s goodness.

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