“Pray for a miracle”

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Hey Gang Well I have a couple of friend name Joe and Janet who have been married over 40 years.

Joe was an assistant pastor and truck driver till he got in an accident. He may need surgeries on his knees but this is not the worse. A while back a non Cancerous tumor was found in his head. It was pushing on the optic nerve. They removed what they could but even with radiation they could not get rid of it. It’s growing I believe in a new direction that’s causing Joe lot of health problems. He would be ok he being about sixty two if not this in his head. What hope does Joe have?

Please pray for a miracle that God will remove this growth the doctors can’t get out also Janet being legally blind and a supporting wife a very nice Christian who is about Joes age is visually impaired. And not too long ago they came home and accidentally slipped from the door on the cement stairs to hit her head hard which has complicated her vision much more. She is also hard of hearing. Joe signs to her and high blood pressure. They go to a small Baptist Church. Their son is pastor and music teacher. I don’t want these things happening to them. I can assume they are being tested. But on the same token I don’t believe as a friend to just stand there in hopeless of this nice couple. Let’s please pray for a miracle for Joe and Janet that God will heal them to get better. I don’t know what it is going to take. Only God knows lets pray. Let’s believe in God All Things are possible by him. I don’t want these guys to live in misery or to die early.
Father we ask that You touch Joe and Janet. Heal their bodies and cause their faith to soar. Give their doctors wisdom and guide their hands. Help this couple to make healthy choices and be glorified in their lives.
Thank You for always hearing and thank You for moving in this situation.
It is in Jesus Name we ask, believing we shall receive, amen.