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“Please pray for transplant”

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New Member
Hi All. We have a friend neighbor named Donna. She has a brother named Brian. Brian is in serious condition right now. He needs a Liver Transplant. The trouble right now is He has a clog in his veins. They can’t do this with the block, or it will instantly kill his heart. Please Pray for Donna’s brother in the Hospital Brian. . Thanks your friend RJ
New Member
Update On Brian, with Praise and Prayer Report

Ok I want to leave an update that Brian as of today found a match and will be going into surgery as of 5:30pm CST.
It will be a 12 hour surgery and Donna and her son are now on the way to be there because he is all alone.

My praise to God right now is that he gave Brian a match and that the doctors found a way for the clot to not interfere with his transplant.
Last night they put a screen in his stomach so that the clot could not travel to his lungs during the transplant.

Now my prayer is simple and to the point.

Dear Lord

I pray deeply in your name to be there with Brian for a successful transplant.
Please I beg don't take him home just yet and forgive me for being selfish in that I can't handle anymore death at this time.

Please guide the surgeons hands and please I beg let Donna and her son Joey
get to the hospital safely before they bring him to surgery so that he can be comforted in knowing that someone in his family loves and cares for him deeply.

Please let Donna have a reason to give me some good news that I can so desperately use right now.
This I pray to you Lord Jesus Amen :happy:ray:

Yes Brian is very much so a believer.
I thank you for your prayer Boanerges and will let you know the results as soon as I get any word.
New Member
Here's the latest....

Another update after talking to Donna this morning is that Brian went through a 13 1/2 hour surgery. The transplant itself was successful and in the process he had to have his bile ducts reconstructed.
The doctors are waiting for him to wake up and he is on a respirator right now.

So I thank you for all the prayers but now it is just a matter of the waiting if the liver takes affect and Brian to wake up.

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