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“Increased Faith” (Luke 17:5)

When saints know of their eternal security they can always find an exhortation that bears something that will bring them to the awareness that regardless of the present situation, they do not have to allow any trial to become troublesome (John 14:1, 27) due to the Father’s synchronic “work” of “goodness” in “all things” (Rom 8:28). They need not to understand how this is always accomplished because faith requires not always an explanation to live by (though understanding may eventually come) concerning God’s “Word of exhortation” (Heb 13:22).

As the ill awaited on the “moving of the water” (John 5:3), so does faith expectantly awaits its trial-some reward of encouragement in every hardness. Believers eventually are shown it’s merely a matter of patience and humility; the former, in that fret can be dispensed with due to being convinced of the inevitable resolution, whether the taking of it be light (Mat 11:30) or heavy (Heb 12:1); the latter, in knowing that all hardness carries an element of offense, either from without or within, which is to be disregarded through blessed forgiveness (esp. the hardest to be forgiven—self).

The growth of faith is greatly added to when convinced that each day can be greeted with the knowing that it has already been prepared for the benefit of those in the “household of faith” (Gal 6:10)—which is “the household of God” (Eph 2:19). The sole prerequisite?—rebirth! The Orchestrator has taken all thought and actions (past, present and future) into account upon the “acceptance” (Eph 1:6) of His children and has deemed none ever in trouble with Him, and all corrections are of “chastisement” rather than punishment (Heb 12:10).