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“Espoused To One Husband”

Christians are saved from something and for something. From condemnation of sin and for fellowship with God! As our conformity matures, our “drawing near” increases to realizing our sufficiency-dependence progresses from provisions to Provider. It is Himself that satisfies our all-inclusive desires!
- NC

“Espoused To One Husband”

The great object before the heart of the Father at the present time is to have a people saved not only from judgment, but from the world* that is under judgement; saved not only for heaven later, but for the heart of the risen Lord Jesus now.

It is feared that when we speak of being here for Christ it is often the thought of our service or conduct that is prominent, and therefore it is well to be reminded that there is something of which the Lord Jesus is more jealous than He is of our conduct or service. It is that “garden enclosed,” that “spring shut up,” and that “fountain sealed” (Sng 4:12) from which all others but Himself are excluded—the hidden spring of those affections which alone satisfy His heart, or renders conduct and service acceptable to Him.

Perhaps it was some time after you were converted; you may have been under the shelter of the Blood for years before you came to it; but there is a time—never to be forgotten—when the risen Lord Jesus Christ comes before the soul, and the personal portion we have in Him, and the wonderful purposes the Father has for us, take possession of the heart.

We are brought to One who has been raised again for our justification, and through Him we find ourselves clear of the judgement land and the oppressor’s power. There is no sense of need in the soul that is in the presence of the Lord Jesus in the glory; there is a realization of boundless favor, for there is the consciousness (though it may not be explainable) that we share all that He has and is. In Him we now have access to all heavenly blessings (Eph 1:3).

But the one who has come to this is not thinking so much of the favor or blessing as a thing in itself, but as that which we have in union with Himself, and as belonging to Him. It is not simply a matter of knowing the truths or doctrines, essential as they are, but of a heart-consciousness that the risen Lord Jesus Christ has been reached. It is, so to speak, the soul’s espousal to the Bridegroom. There may be much to learn, but there is born a great personal affection for Him. “Set your affection on things Above.”

Most believers have not yet reached the risen One, and one reason being that they have not had a Paul to “espouse” them to that “one husband.” They have not heard* of His new place as the risen One; they are struggling on in Egypt’s darkness and bondage*, neither have they heard of their place in Him there in the glory. Sad to say, their lives are being diverted in an effort to make Egypt better, instead of seeing that the whole scene is under the enemy’s power and the judgement of God.

But how few there are to proclaim that the world is a judged thing before God, and that the Lord Jesus and all the blessings of Christianity can only be found on the platform of glory. Have you looked through the mist of intervening years to find the time of deep joy in which the Lord Jesus filled the whole vision of your soul, and His love satisfied every longing of your heart? Sorrowfully, but in tender love, the Lord calls you now to “remember.” Do not allow yourself to be deceived by the fact that you now know more, and that many truths are clearer to your mind. This may be so, while the affections wither, and the soul is as dry as the desert sand. May His voice really reach and recall your heart to Himself in the glory!

- C A Coats

Poster’s Opinion: *”the world”: this term can design the intention to include the entire human race, or the majority of it. In the latter sense Scripture often applies it to unbelievers, whom have always comprised most of the earth’s inhabitants (Mat 7:13, 14; John 15:19).

Strong’s Greek 2889 “kosmos”: definitions V, VI


*”have not heard”: have not realized the present portion of fellowship we have in Christ, which is that our place There is as sure as our place being presently here, thus the Lord Jesus is with us in our place here while He is there!

*”struggling on in Egypt’s darkness and bondage”: though the children of Israel were often in bondage, their (those disobedient but nevertheless believers in Him – John 14:1) union with God was never affected. Their only “brokenness” and “off-castings” (Rom 11) have been that which concerns their fellowship with God, not their union. There is no lessor of a union with God for believers who are out of fellowship with Him than with believers who are in fellowship with Him. Fellowship can be broken and restored—but unity with God is a constant, and God inevitably restores fellowship! Those who never reestablish fellowship with God have never been in union with Him, because of “unbelief.”

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