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‘He doeth according to his will’

‘He doeth according to his will’

Read Isaiah 40:10-31

A god who has no power over men and Satan could never be trusted to fulfill any promises. If God has no power to accomplish his will, perform his designs and fulfill his purposes, regardless of wicked men and Satan, if God cannot rule the wills of men, the actions of men and the power of Satan, we can never trust him to fulfill any of the promises. Paul said, We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called, according to his purpose.’ But how do we know that? How can we possibly know that God will accomplish his purpose and make all things work together for the eternal good of God’s elect, if he does not sovereignly rule all things, both bad and good? Surely Satan would not allow God to accomplish his purpose, if he had any power to resist it. Surely wicked men would never permit God to accomplish his will, if they had any power to prevent it. We can only trust a sovereign God to fulfill his promises. Only a sovereign God, who rules and governs all things with absolute control, could honestly promise those who trust him that everything, small and great, bad and good, will ultimately accomplish their eternal spiritual good and his own glory.

Now answer this question: is your God a trustworthy Sovereign in whom you safely trust, or is your god only a puny pigmy that has no power? I know this, the one true and living God, the God of the Bible, the God whom I trust with my immortal soul, the God to whom I look for the fulfilling of every promise he has made, it is God who is absolutely sovereign. He rules this universe with the ease of omnipotent power. All things, both great and small, breathe and move, live and die, according to his wise degree. All things are under his control. All things accomplish his will. If I did not believe such a God as this, I would be honest and confess myself an atheist. I would prefer atheism, a complete denial of God’s existence, to the alternative of making God helpless, and robbing him of his eternal glory as the sovereign God of heaven and earth.
Dear Friend (shortlady),

Interesting verses of Scripture: ISAIAH 40:12-31 describes aspects of God's greatness, God's sovereighty, and God's future strategy for the world. These verses develope the idea of God's ultimate return to Jerusalem through the reign of Messiah.

May the Lord be very gracious to you.