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  1. Bethel


    - There are 9 spiritual gifts. Tongues are the last on the list, or the least...coming in at #9. Its rare to find the correct teaching, regarding this gift, so, here it is... The Gift of tongues, is the gift of a foreign language....that you can't speak, but you are given the ability to speak...
  2. Bethel

    Knowledge or Destruction

    - Let me show you how to see this revelation. 2 Things stated in the Bible..... One in the OT.....says.....>"my people are destroyed for/by lack of Knowledge". So, in the case of unbelievers, they have a lack of knowledge of THE Truth......who is Jesus THE Christ. John 14:6 And they are...
  3. Bethel

    Where Victory is Found

    - Paul wrote that when he is weak, then he is strong. He explains it like this.... 1.) when im in submission to the Grace of God, fully trusting in Christ to keep me saved and live His life through me, im walking in the power of God's Grace, by REAL FAITH. 2.) when i stop striving by...