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walk in spirit

  1. spiriteddove05

    Sinners/Luke Warm Christians You Can Stop Sinning You Just Don’t Want 2!!

    God say’s in Deu 30:11 my commandments are not far from you!! The Hebrew meaning for “not far from you” means its not beyond your ability. 1 corinth 10:13 you will not be tempted above ur measure but rather God will always give you an escape so u can bear it. God doesn’t command the...
  2. spiriteddove05

    You Have 2 Be In The Spirit 2 Understand Scripture Or You Won’t Progress Any Further!!

    There comes a point in your walk where God will not progress you any further until you’ve become truly obedient and trust worthy. God is not gonna give us all the keys 2 his kingdom like Jesus Christ. Paul said in 1 corith 12:8 depart dis thorne from me!! And God said my grace is sufficient...
  3. Sue J Love

    A Common Thread

    If you, being a follower of Jesus Christ, were to write a testimony of what difference Jesus Christ has made in your life, what would that say? Surely, each of our testimonies would be as individual as we are, but there should also be a common thread weaved throughout all of them. The Lord...