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waiting on god

  1. Chad

    video How Should We Wait?

    In today’s “have it now” culture, we’ve lost the art of waiting. Charging ahead might be what you’re used to, but the Bible places great value on the skill of being patient. Dr. Stanley takes a close look at the right and wrong ways to wait in this powerful message. Learn how to let peace and...
  2. Chad

    video When God Says Wait

    Sometimes when all systems are “go,” God says “wait.” Delays can feel agonizing, but God has a bird’s-eye view and His timing is perfect. Thankfully, patience can be learned. In this practical message, Dr. Stanley talks about receiving God’s best in every situation. Find out the six things you...
  3. Chad

    audio What Does it Do in Us? What Does it Mean?

    What Does it Mean? We begin a new series about a little-understood subject, and that is the subject of “waiting on God.” We don’t want to wait on anything. We are all about fast food, fast communication, fast travel, etc. but, God’s Word promises amazing benefits from the discipline of...