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  1. Sue J Love

    What Voices?

    What voices do you listen to? Who do you go to for counsel and advice? What books do you read the most? Who is your favorite politician or government official? Your most desired preacher? Your most beloved sports figure? Your preferred news show? Who do you believe the most? The least? The...
  2. Sue J Love

    "I Can't!"

    The Lord Jesus led me to read Psalm 1 (vv. 1-3 ESV). When I was a child, I had few people, if any, to encourage me that I could do anything other than maybe sing. I was the middle child of five children in my family. And, I had a father who didn’t think much of my intellectual abilities. He...
  3. Sue J Love

    What the Lord Says

    The Lord Jesus gave me this song to encourage my heart. We have so many different voices speaking to us at various times – our own inner voice, Satan, the world, friends, family, church, our pasts, etc., in addition to the voice of the Holy Spirit within us. Sometimes it takes much spiritual...