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  1. Victor Van Heerden

    Does the immense scale of the universe undercut or strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ?

    We know that the scope of the Bible is limited to the care and salvation of Adam and Eve’s descendants via initially the Hebrew tribe and Yahweh and currently via Christianity and the Lord Jesus Christ. It is anthropocentric which means it regards humankind as the central or most important...
  2. T

    It is not sin to not understand

    It is sin to be so enraptured by ourselves, humanity, and this mere physical realm with our little lifetimes in it, that our greatest desire is not to understand the bigger picture and what God/Jesus is about. Jesus called His disciples friend because we know what He's up to. There are two...
  3. T

    Thanks God/Jesus not one can be subtracted or booted from Your kingdom

    No matter what any mere human or spirit does or says, not one human will be lost from us given You from before the foundation of universe.
  4. T

    Did God so love the world?

    As much as us humans are about our little lifetimes on this little pebble in this universe, God so loved us, humans, that Jesus came that we might live with Him. Only your provision, oh Lord, can provide that any of us do. Please, grant it so for me and those who I love. I've learned from the...
  5. T

    What happened before the beginning?

    Before the beginning God considered the output of creation or what He would get from it and He considered what it would take for Him to get what He wanted out of it and in the beginning He created universe. If you don't know, God wanted us.
  6. R

    God vs Universe

    I was in my room last night getting ready for bed. I was contemplating the days gone by and the present moment. I was recalling a new trend in motivation and inspiration. The Universe trend. It's the subject of various inspirational books. Some books refer to the universe as a being providing...