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  1. gorgon

    Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ

    Hello fellow Christians, I decided to join this forum because I want to know more about the worldviews of other christians. I enjoy discussions as well as casual debates. No one has an identical mind, but we should still stay civil when we are debating one another :smile: I'm also interested in...
  2. Lynette Khristi


    I just wanna share this devotional to you, guys. God bless. HERE:
  3. Hekuran

    Atonement for a sinless society

    I'm halfway through a very interesting book - Atonement for a Sinless Society. It's quite academic and to be honest some of it is over my head. But the fundamental ideas it wrestles with have struck me deeply First off, despite the title, nowhere does the book deny the reality or the power of...