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the great reset

  1. KindOfQuirky

    "Westlessness: Before they can ‘Build Back Better’ they have to Destroy what Exists" Blog post I've read

    What does "Westlessness" have to do with the term, "Great Reset," "New Normal?".. I've read this article a while back and it is still relevant, even more so in light of "today's" events. Blog post: "Westlessness: Before they can 'Build Back Beter' they have to Destroy what Exists" There are...
  2. Chad

    What is the "Great Reset"?

    The Internet sure has been buzzing about “the Great Reset” lately. That term has been trending on Facebook and Twitter, and the New York Times even published an article dismissing it as a “conspiracy theory”. But it is definitely no conspiracy theory. I was determined to get to the bottom of...