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stephen mansfield

  1. Chad

    audio Death and Great Manhood

    Ponder today’s episode at a quiet moment. As the coronavirus reaches the apex of the curve, soon we will be surrounded by death. Stephen encourages you to ponder your own death so that you might live your life now with even greater purpose and meaning. As Ecclesiastes says, death is the destiny...
  2. Chad

    audio 4 Challenges

    Stephen wants to help you get ahead of the curve. Before summer gets here… before you’re busy with vacation, plans, kids’ activities… set your mind to completing these four challenges. From exercising the mind and body to building the spirit, these four specific challenges will help you in your...
  3. Chad

    audio Victory Over Hunger

    Those of us in the West spend little time and money on food. Only one in 50 people work in food production, and less than 10% of personal income is spent on food. For comparison, 82% of Ethiopia’s population works in food production… and 60% of a person’s income in the Philippines is spent on...
  4. Chad

    audio The Virtue of Tempered Capitalism

    Many in our current class of Congress are proponents of socialism. They point at our warped version of capitalism and say, “Capitalism doesn’t work! We must throw it out and do something different!” Of course, the system we have today is not a free market economy with a fair playing field...
  5. Chad

    Manly Story

    Manly Story Story is a powerful vehicle. When we learn through a story our brains use less energy to absorb information. We are even more likely to recall that information when learned via story. Part of being a great man is being a great storyteller. This doesn’t have to be complicated...