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sermon podcast

  1. Christ4Ever

    John Introduction

    Below is a link and the outline provided on this study. It's only a 15 minute version, but one I hope you will enjoy. With the Love of Christ Jesus. YBIC Nick <>< Gospel of John - Introduction THE PROLOGUE John 1:1-18 INTRODUCTION. A prologue is an opening to a story that establishes the...
  2. Chad

    audio How Many Miracles Does it Take?

    When Jesus fed the five thousand, His disciples didn’t understand what He was teaching them. So in Mark 8, He gives them a second chance. Dr. David Jeremiah examines the miraculous feeding of the four thousand, and explains why critics who use this passage in attempting to discredit the Bible...
  3. Chad

    audio A Passion to Know Him

    What is it that you are pursuing above everything else? A career? A person? A ministry? None of those things compare to knowing the Lord on an everyday, personal level. In this message, Dr. Stanley explains how deepening our relationship with God is far more valuable than anything else. Our days...