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  1. MedicBravo

    Seven Scientific Proofs of God - 10-29-21

    https://www.ucg.org/beyond-today/beyond-today-magazine/seven-scientific-proofs-of-god 1. Science has discovered ample evidence that the universe had a beginning. 2. Science has found the universe to be fine-tuned for life. 3. Scientists can’t explain the origin of life and its genetic code...
  2. MedicBravo

    On origins of everything and with science.

    I learned about these and have been looking into the Origins of everything. We know "God said..." and it happened but can the human mind understand that beyond that? No. Science explains things and supports God...
  3. BrahminBeliever

    Hello from India!

    grew up believing everything i saw on TV. time travel, parallel universes, space aliens, wormholes and vampires. while older, i really was prepared to give up those dear, long-held beliefs of mine as i think most children are, but "scientists" and "historians" convinced me not to. they told me...
  4. B

    Science Proves God Time After Time

    I have a passion for science, and it is amazing how time after time science proves God and the Bible correct. Every single time there is a major discovery in science, you can go to the Bible, written thousands of years ago, and you can find the answer there... I just wanted to mention this...
  5. L

    Flat earth : is there scriptural evidence for it?

    Sounds funny i know, but having looked into what people are saying concerning this topic, i have to agree the the genesis account is contradicted by mainstream science. And to me this is the most exciting revolution in peoples interests, as it shows people are taking notice of what the bible...
  6. Chad

    Can Orangutans Talk Like Humans?

    Can Orangutans Talk Like Humans? by Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell Do ape’s say little because they have little to say, or because they have no way to say it? Evolutionary scientists want to know! In the Disney animated classic The Jungle Book, the orangutan King Louie sings: Tilda, an orangutan...