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  1. EverlastingWinter

    How do you talk to other Christians that have a different theological belief and practice then your own?

    This has been a thought for a little while and wanted to see how others react and respond. I have seen two sides on how people talk to one another and talk about others because of their differences in theological belief,church and practice. I ask this to see how others would respond to...
  2. ChildofGod

    Question about the body according the Bible

    Can we drink water whenever we want or do we have to be thirsty?
  3. Mari N.

    Translation Question

    Hello! I am currently in my church library and there's a whole shelf dedicated to adaptations of the Bible, Biblical poetry, devotions, and the whole nine yards. I found a translation from the University of Chicago and decided to see how they interpreted Genesis 1:1. Expecting the famous...
  4. Sue J Love

    What is a devotional?

    I have a question to pose. What is a devotional? I mean, what qualifies on here as something that is regarded as a devotional? Biblically, what do you believe should be included in a devotional? What does the Bible have to say on this subject? What should be its purpose? Should there be a...
  5. A

    Are Wolves, Cats and Snakes creatures of the devil?

    I ask because I have a strong affiliation with wolves, have many cats and like snakes. Does this make me demonic?
  6. E

    Question on prayer

    I have been wondering this lately. If God has a plan for all of us why do we pray? Us praying things like "Lord please heal my friend" wont change whats already going to happen. I do know that prayer is mostly purposed to talk to God. To praise him and confess our sins. But what about when we...
  7. Sue J Love

    Moral Issue

    If a Christian murders someone, for instance, and then confesses it to the Lord, and prays for forgiveness, but he never confesses his crime to the authorities, does that constitute true repentance? Or, if a Christian steals from someone and prays for forgiveness over the theft, but he does not...