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podcast for men

  1. Chad

    The Principled Use of Power

    The average man can dominate the average woman. If men are not taught the principled use of power, they will become barbarians: murderers, rapists, and marauders. Gentleman, we must teach our sons how to wield power. We must teach them to stand guard and to protect women. Let’s make teaching...
  2. Chad

    audio The Seven Fires

    We are living through a critical time in history. Now, more than ever, we need good, noble, righteous, honorable, Great Men to arise. We need to encourage each other, to become stabilizers in our society, to rescue the young, and to help one another in living for the glory of God. Our generation...
  3. Chad

    audio The 1 Second Principle

    Did you set some big goals for 2020? How are they going? In this episode, Stephen shares a technique he’s developed for self-improvement in virtually every arena, from fitness to money to relationships and more. It’s called the 1 Second Principle. Learn it and use it to grow, improve, and extend...
  4. Chad

    audio Fix Yourself First

    A lot of guys are working hard to serve their wives, kids, jobs, causes, etc. But it’s been a long time since they’ve read a book, been in the wild, hung out with the guys, or explored an interest. They’re bored, uninspired, overweight, exhausted, and distracted. Men, you need to create some...
  5. Chad

    audio Be the Vision Keeper

    In aptitude tests, men pale in comparison to women in all categories except for two: abstract thought and aggression (or “vision/drive”). Men, your role is to be the vision keeper. Part of being a good husband, father, and leader is being able to develop and encourage a noble vision for all that...
  6. Chad

    audio 4 Challenges

    Stephen wants to help you get ahead of the curve. Before summer gets here… before you’re busy with vacation, plans, kids’ activities… set your mind to completing these four challenges. From exercising the mind and body to building the spirit, these four specific challenges will help you in your...
  7. Chad

    audio The Evangelical Crisis

    Evangelicals today are in crisis – largely because so many, especially the leaders, are wed to Donald Trump, who earned 81% of the white evangelical vote, half of the Roman Catholic vote, and half of the votes of regular church attendees. So, what’s the problem? Stephen sees a backlash against...
  8. Chad

    audio Building Your Band of Brothers

    Surveys show that adult men are suffering a friendship crisis. Most adult men don’t have a single friend they could turn to in a time of need. Many sociologists suggest that this dearth of friendship is one of the contributing factors in increased mental disorders and suicide rates among men...
  9. Chad

    Men and Tears

    Perhaps you watched the events of President George H.W. Bush’s funeral. It was beautiful, inspiring, and patriotic. One of the most reported moments occurred when President George W. Bush became choked up while eulogizing his father. The clip was sometimes aired as an oddity. Why? Our culture...