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  1. fig_tree

    Defending the great Apostle Paul

    The great Apostle Paul labored intensely after his conversion as a faithful servant to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Obeying the Lord and preaching the Gospel to Gentiles. Yet in recent times I've noticed an increasing trend to discredit Paul and his work with various heretical claims...
  2. B

    I want to become a Christian

    hello my brother and sister my name is saeed and i am muslim in IRAN Now, i am upset for my religion, because i am forced to be muslim when i was born and its not my choise i think Christian is better than islum. Please help and guide me * sorry if it is on wrong forum
  3. Chad

    ISIS Video Purports to Show Execution of Christian Men in Libya

    By DEAN SCHABNER and JAMES MEEK Dean Schabner A video released today by a group claiming allegiance to ISIS purports to show the beheading of a group of Coptic Christian men who were kidnapped in Libya last month. The horrific 5-minute video is evidence of ISIS' continued expansion from the...