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jesus christ prince of peace

  1. Bolade Oluwadamilola

    About Myself

    My name is Bolade Oluwadamilola, aged 25, from Nigeria, West Africa. I am honoured to be here on this platform where all we talk about is Jesus, because he is the only reason for our living, all Glory to his holy name, Hallelujah!
  2. T

    Ever Wondered How to Find Jesus?

    This is an encouraging message especially during a time of sickness and despair. Shot in my kitchen during the Nationwide lock down in India. Please subscribe, comment, share and be healed and be blessed.
  3. P

    New Member Loves the Lord

    Hello, i have been a born again Christian since i was 16 years old, and have never strayed since that day.
  4. Alive4Jesus

    We need you all to pray for us in Congo Brazzaville!

    Shalom to you all! My country is divided and I need all your prayers. The real fact is that we are not united,; we aren't united then our Lord GOD can't intervene to help us as He must. Of course He is sovereign and free to act as He wants. We experienced civil wars in 1959 just before our...