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  1. S

    I'm Evgenii from Russia and I Love Christ

    Hello to anyone here! I am Evgenii from Russia. I'm 28 and I love Jesus Christ. I have Schizophrenia and first started to believe in God as Muslim. But then I realized that the only good road to God is Jesus Christ -- Our GOD. I thought it may be better to know how people devote themselves to...
  2. femi akinbiyi

    Terrorism is prophetic

    But your son will be like a wild donkey .He will be against everyone and everyone will be against him. He will live apart from his relative Terrorism have gone viral in some parts of the world leaving so many people shock to their bone marrow making many people to ask the rhetorical question...
  3. B

    I want to become a Christian

    hello my brother and sister my name is saeed and i am muslim in IRAN Now, i am upset for my religion, because i am forced to be muslim when i was born and its not my choise i think Christian is better than islum. Please help and guide me * sorry if it is on wrong forum
  4. Ceptor

    Syrians Arriving in USA Now.

    Wake Up America: Syrian Refugees Arrive in New Orleans - Justin Holcomb Google Don't start having pity for France and Europe so fast. Everyone in the states just got a free ticket to "repeated terror patterns" the real life movie. We're in the exact same boat as Europe. But they aren't going...
  5. Chad

    ISIS Increases Child Recruitment: 400 Kids Join 'Cubs of the Caliphate' in Syria; Brutal Training

    (Photo: Screengrab/The Daily Mail) Islamic State militants training child soldiers. ISIS Increases Child Recruitment: 400 Kids Join 'Cubs of the Caliphate' in Syria; Brutal Training Camps Teach Children to Carry Out Beheadings The brutal Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria has...
  6. Chad

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar – Islam’s Most Valuable “Useful Idiot”

    In response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre Kareem Abdul Jabbar wrote an article published in Time that defends Islam and castigates the Muslim murderers. His major point is that his Islam does not encourage or condone such brutality, i.e. that the Muslim murderers have Islam all wrong: “to...
  7. Chad

    ISIS Video Purports to Show Execution of Christian Men in Libya

    By DEAN SCHABNER and JAMES MEEK Dean Schabner A video released today by a group claiming allegiance to ISIS purports to show the beheading of a group of Coptic Christian men who were kidnapped in Libya last month. The horrific 5-minute video is evidence of ISIS' continued expansion from the...