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  1. S

    Let's Introduce

    Good day! I'm Sahadath Saykot. I'm here to explore different and unique ways to become happy in life. Hope I will get very interesting ideas to become happy in life
  2. P

    Hello I'm Stephen and am glad to find this Christian platform.

    I am ready to start reading the posts and want to learn from all of you and maybe I can help others along the way.
  3. T

    Friend who sticks closer than a brother and brother in humanity, Lord God/Jesus, strengthen my resolve

    You, oh Lord, know that it is my resolve, to be so possessed with gratitude for what You have done, are doing, and hold for me that i have no time for dissatisfaction, self-pity, anger, hatred, cutting people off in traffic, and even screaming at or beating folk up. You, oh Lord, have never...
  4. Hazel_nut

    Hi! Love From God lead us meet!

    Hi! I am Hazel, Nice to meet you. I come from Hong Kong. And I want to share what I have experienced from the grace of God :)
  5. Chad

    audio How Can I Be Happy?

    How Can I Be Happy? It’s a truth that’s proclaimed throughout the Bible: the more like Christ you become, the happier you’ll be. Sadly, the opposite is also true. Dr. David Jeremiah continues to look at God’s recipe for happiness in this life, as well as the sure-fire recipe for sadness and misery.