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great man podcast

  1. Chad

    Manly Story

    Manly Story Story is a powerful vehicle. When we learn through a story our brains use less energy to absorb information. We are even more likely to recall that information when learned via story. Part of being a great man is being a great storyteller. This doesn’t have to be complicated...
  2. Chad

    Killer Pride

    There are many types of pride, but the kind of pride most endemic to men is the kind that results from not receiving affirmation earlier in life. You probably know a guy like this who lives in a Palace of Self. He gets a sentence quoted in the paper and then puts the clipping on his wall and...
  3. Chad

    Our Kavanaugh Moment

    Let’s talk about Kavanaugh. Not about whether or not the allegations are true or whether or not he should sit on the Supreme Court. Instead, let’s focus on how the sexual revolution of the 1960s changed manhood and on how it’s harming men who have lived all these years without a code. Society is...