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end of days

  1. Cloud9blessings

    Cloud 9 Blessings

    Hello Everyone! My name is Amber and I am the creator and Narrator for The Cloud 9 Blessings Youtube Channel. I just joined this forum to connect with other fellow Christians. May God Bless you all and have a Blessed Day!
  2. th1bill

    With Sad Heart

    It is with a sad heart that wants to sing that I post this. My heart cries for the young soldiers that do not know Yashua as their Savoir and will die, but leaps with joy at the knowledge that my LORD's approach is so, very, near. We are entering or we are very near the door that leads into...
  3. Yennee

    The World Locked Down in Only a Couple Weeks -- by Whose Order?

    Did anyone notice that a world full of nations that can't agree on life saving policies without months or years of deliberation, all agreed to lock their boarders in a couple weeks after the Covid virus was announced? Who gave the World Order to shut down all nations, as obeyed immediately by...