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david jeremiah

  1. Chad

    video The Stand You Can Take Today

    Discover the stand you can take today for God in this special message. Sermon starts at 21 minute mark. https://d2vftoccbq8rr6.cloudfront.net/video/television/tv/2019/TPTV_050519_US60/TPTV_050519_US60_480p.mp4
  2. Chad

    audio Financial Signs of the End Times

    All around us, signs are pointing to the coming of the end times and the return of Christ – nowhere more powerfully than in the world of economics. Dr. David Jeremiah shares the first of five financial signs that align with Bible prophecy and confirm we are living in the last days.
  3. Chad

    audio How Many Miracles Does it Take?

    When Jesus fed the five thousand, His disciples didn’t understand what He was teaching them. So in Mark 8, He gives them a second chance. Dr. David Jeremiah examines the miraculous feeding of the four thousand, and explains why critics who use this passage in attempting to discredit the Bible...
  4. Chad

    audio Living a Life of Success

    Living a Life of Success Are you a spiritual underachiever? Dr. David Jeremiah examines the danger of putting a limit on God's power in your life, and settling for less than His best for you. Join David as he shares the story of Caleb, who achieved what no one else in his generation could...