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  1. Chad

    audio How to Handle Criticism and Praise

    Criticism and praise are two powerful forms of feedback we have to learn to live with. If we learn to respond in the right way to the two, they will develop us. If we respond in the wrong way, they can destroy us. Learn to respond the right way. Part 1 Learn to respond the right way to both...
  2. Chad

    Criticized? Trust God To Defend You

    There are always going to be people in your life who misunderstand you and people who don’t like you. There will always be people who criticize you, judge you, attack you, and spread rumors about you. When you are misunderstood, you’re going to have a tendency to get in there and defend...
  3. Chad

    Dealing with Critical People

    All of us deal with criticism in our lives. And it’s typically given to us without asking for it. Perhaps it’s a co-worker, a neighbor or maybe even your mother-in-law that is always willing to give you their unwelcome opinion. I will have to admit that I am NOT an expert in this area. I'm...
  4. Greg Gordon

    K.P. Yohannan: Overcoming Criticism in the Body of Christ

    Criticism is a great danger in the Church in our day where many are even thinking they are doing God a favour by being critical against others. K.P. Yohannan shares ways we can overcome criticism that is directed towards us and understand why people do these things so we can have empathy and...