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    God in ancient China

    These two videos reveal interesting evidence of the knowledge and worship of God in ancient China. Feel free to share comments after you have watched/listened to the presentations. The book, Faith of our Fathers, by CK Thong, is also worth reading if you have or make the opportunity...
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    China Uses Mental Illness to Discredit, Imprison Dissidents

    VOA News on China China Uses Mental Illness to Discredit, Imprison Dissidents, Rights Observers Say By Dahai Han September 30, 2020 10:39 PM China...
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    Chinese Government offers financial reward for turning in Christians

    The Chinese Government is offering cash rewards to people who inform on underground churches. One city is offering more than £1,000 to those who can identify ‘unofficial’ places of worship. The incentive is part of a nationwide effort to bring all religious groups under the control of the...