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  1. Bethel

    How to go to Hell . Pt 1

    - John 3:36 defines every unbeliever, both alive, or dead. People in general, and Christians, many of them, think that a person goes to hell for : "a lifetime of sinning". Not at all. See, you'll die "in your sins" if you die a Christ rejector, but that is not why God judges you, after you die...
  2. Bethel

    You : Shall never perish

    - Jesus says.....'"and you shall never perish". The "You" there, is all the born again, who are the : "predestined elect". Faith elects, God saves. Every born again person is predestined to be conformed into the Image of Christ. Are you born again? Then that is you. You gave God your faith, by...
  3. Bethel

    The "chosen vessel"

    - Jesus IS the TRUTH....... John 14:6 Paul , is the "chosen vessel", who is an apostle, called to deliver to the gentiles, "The Gospel of the Grace of God". and Church doctrine. Jesus is your Savior, and Paul is your example. Paul said..>"be a follower of me, as i follow Christ". No other...
  4. Bethel

    Living in REAL Faith

    - Lets look at a few verses that deal with growing in Grace as = how to effectively "work out your salvation"> 1.)""" leaving the first principles""" Reader....The bible is a progressive reveal. Its God revealing Himself, and its God's showing you how He deals with mankind from beginning to...
  5. Bethel

    HERESY : revealed and understood

    - Hebrews 13:9 explains the nature and perpetrators of "heresy". This verse also tells you something very True.. Its this.....if you do not do what that verse tells you to do, all the time, as your FAITH.... then you will become a victim of heresy and end up in a CULT. And you probably will...
  6. Bethel

    The End Times faithless

    - We are in the end of the "time of the Gentiles". This "TIME" started when Christ was raised on the Cross, and will end when the Great Trib starts. See that 'time period", ????? that has existed for over 2000 yrs? That is the "time of the Gentiles'. Its a "season" or a "dispensation" when God...
  7. Bethel

    Salvation is = Eternal Life as born again.

    - Here is Christ's personal guarantee of Salvation. Jesus said...>"all that believe in me.....i give unto them Eternal Life, and they shall never perish". And how does that happen? A.) "Christ in you the hope of Glory. And how do you get that? Jesus says...>"you must be born again"., and...
  8. Bethel

    You are not the container.

    - Reader.. Inside you, is the real you. Your body is not the real you... Your body is the container, that the real you......your SPIRIT......lives inside. This Spirit, is eternal, and your body will die and be buried or cremated. Have you decided on which, reader? Be thinking about what you...
  9. Bethel

    Who is a child of The Light ?

    - Let me show you something interesting. When a person is born again......they are "translated from Darkness.....TO LIGHT" See that? See ...." TO Light" ? ???? "Translated INTO"........>"TO LIGHT.........= to become a part of........... This is why the born again are "The Children of THE...
  10. Bethel

    God is Good.......the devil is evil.

    - God does not and did not create "evil". Evil exists, because Adam fell (sinned), and his dominion became the devil's ownership. When Adam obeyed the temptation to sin, ... he was giving the devil worship, as to sin, is to give the devil his due. The nature of sin, is the Devil's nature. See...
  11. Bethel

    Where Victory is Found

    - Paul wrote that when he is weak, then he is strong. He explains it like this.... 1.) when im in submission to the Grace of God, fully trusting in Christ to keep me saved and live His life through me, im walking in the power of God's Grace, by REAL FAITH. 2.) when i stop striving by...
  12. L

    Catholic theology equals a jesus christ not come in the flesh

    The outcome of the catholic heresy of the immaculate conception of Mary doctrine, Results in a Jesus born of a woman not as and not of all flesh, for all flesh has sinned and fallen short of the Glory Of God, But for Mary , who the doctrine renders " born without sin" according to the papacies...