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  1. R

    What about orphans widows and etc..

    What should we be doing daily to serve those that have been divorced, fatherless, and even homeless? Is there a person, place, or thing , who where and what and how? Please and thank you, I want to learn about these things.. But I don't know if I am the best to help...
  2. Joanna

    God Let You Get a BROKEN HEART Because...

    What does the Bible say about a broken heart? How can you heal after a broken heart according to the Bible? Why did God allow someone to break your heart? How can you heal after a break up? What Christian advice is there for breaking up? Here are 4 possible reasons God let someone break your heart.
  3. Knight of Grace and Peace

    Prayers forma Shattered heart

    A young woman, whom I shall refer to as Grace is suffering from a broken heart and depression. She was molested as a child and recently experienced a break up. Pray she draws closer to God and that He would see fit to heal her heart. Thank you all