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  1. J

    Can blasphemy against the Holy Spirit be committed in thoughts?

    Can this be committed in thoughts?
  2. J

    I think I've blasphemed the Holy Spirit

    I have this blasphemous thoughts about the Holy Spirit and it feels like I'm the one thinking that. I don't know what to do, it feels also like I want those thoughts but I know I don't. Please helppppp
  3. P

    unpardonable sin

    Hi everyone. recently I’ve been distressed and having intrusive thoughts about the unpardonable sin. I read about it and it scared me deeply. It tormented me so bad I couldn’t sleep and my heart would race. I decided today to take back my thoughts. Whenever they came, I said how much I love...
  4. Lukas

    can someone help me? im confused

    hi im new here and didn't know where to ask this question so i thought this was a great place to ask. i love god of all my heart but there's this "voice" inside my head that says really mean stuff about god unwillingly. and it stresses me out! and i don't have anything against god but this voice...
  5. Chad

    audio Is There a Sin God Cannot Forgive?

    Excellent sermon on what sin God won't forgive. A great study especially for those who worry they've committed the unpardonable sin, blasphemy. Part 1 Have you done something in the past that seems so awful, you wonder if God can possibly forgive you? If you’re wrestling with this question...