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bible sermons

  1. Chad

    video Peter Pan Christians

    https://d2vftoccbq8rr6.cloudfront.net/video/television/tv/2020/30_min/TPTV_042620_US30_WEB_CAPTIONED/TPTV_042620_US30_WEB_CAPTIONED_480p.mp4 Peter Pan makes a good story, but he's not a role model. Dr. Jeremiah offers four ways we can find spiritual maturity in our walk with God.
  2. Chad

    video The Stand You Can Take Today

    Discover the stand you can take today for God in this special message. Sermon starts at 21 minute mark. https://d2vftoccbq8rr6.cloudfront.net/video/television/tv/2019/TPTV_050519_US60/TPTV_050519_US60_480p.mp4
  3. Chad

    video How Should We Wait?

    In today’s “have it now” culture, we’ve lost the art of waiting. Charging ahead might be what you’re used to, but the Bible places great value on the skill of being patient. Dr. Stanley takes a close look at the right and wrong ways to wait in this powerful message. Learn how to let peace and...
  4. Chad

    audio Preparing for a High Definition Life

    We pray that it’s a year in which you’ll live your faith more boldly and vibrantly – what Dr. David Jeremiah calls living “the high definition life,” contrasting it with the fuzzy, lifeless picture that was common in the age of analog television. Sermon by David Jeremiah
  5. Chad

    video Experiencing God Deeper - Francis Chan

    Have you ever been frustrated with your relationship with God? Yes, you go to church, bible studies, small groups, prayer meetings, but inside you feel so distant. Francis shares personally how to go deeper with God! God is calling everyone to go deeper. Will you answer that call and do it?
  6. Chad

    video Your Personal Convictions

    What does it take to live a life of purpose? Of uncommon courage? What does it take to stand your ground in the face of criticism and rejection? The answer is conviction, being utterly convinced of the truth of God’s Word. Learn the power of having convictions and the role they play in our lives.
  7. Chad

    audio God’s Guide to Life At Its Best

    “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.” —Proverbs 3:5 It’s a well-known passage and for good reason. In this message, Dr. Stanley explains how this popular memory verse is the key to walking in God’s will for your life. Like a compass, the principles...
  8. Chad

    audio The Mudslinger

    Maybe the New Testament includes so many warnings about the tongue, because the Old Testament includes so many people like Job’s friends. Dr. David Jeremiah introduces us to the third and final of these men, who appears incapable of anything but criticism and insults. Sermon by Dr. David Jeremiah