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  1. Chad

    “Even if you take my life here in front of my wife, … I will not deny Christ.”

    "Even if you take my life here in front of my wife...I will not deny Christ." The Iraqi Christian stood at an ISIS check point. The fighters' guns were pointed at him. Their instruction was clear: deny your faith and become a Muslim. He said no, and miraculously God intervened and our Iraqi...
  2. Chad

    video He Makes All Things New

    What things are going on in your world right now? Whatever you're going through right now, He can make all things new. The Bible says God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose. In this message from Ps Brian Houston speaks about...
  3. Chad

    audio Protection for the Soul (Psalm 91)

    Sermon by: Jeffrey E. Miller 15. Protection for the Soul (Psalm 91) | Bible.org Psalms: Nourishment for the Soul The author of Psalm 91 seemed to draw from personal experience when he described the reality of daily dangers. But more importantly, he knew the God who offered him protection and...
  4. Chad

    audio Resistance to Commitment

    Jonah is the perfect example of a man that knew what God was calling him to do, and yet, in spite of that, resisted God’s call. We often do that, too, don’t we? There are certain things we have no problem handing over to Christ but when it comes to that one thing, we can’t let go. In this...
  5. Chad

    audio Understanding God's Blueprint

    Sermon by: David Jeremiah @ Turning Point Radio Broadcast Description: There is no greater satisfaction than knowing the unique plan God has for you, and living your life according to it. Dr. David Jeremiah explores that truth as it unfolds in the lives of Joseph and his family. What can...