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  1. M

    Attack from the enemy or Punishment from God?

    How does one know if they are being punished by God, or... if it is an attack from the enemy? I've never experienced so much all at once going on and I'm in a very vulnerable place, I cry out to God and I'm not sure if abba is hearing me. I really need brothers and sisters who've been through...
  2. T

    The attacks of the enemy that hurt us

    Are those we permit by our motivation, words, deeds, and our lack of understanding of what God/Jesus means by what is written. Those from which we are delivered are by the grace of God/Jesus through our thanks for His grace for us on the cross.
  3. Ceptor

    Israel Attacks Syria

    I noticed Israel bombed Syria if I'm not mistaken on the details. Does anyone have knowledge of scripture or ideas about what this could mean? The news agency reporting it (can't recall which one) also had a subtitle somewhere making allusions to "World War III". Just wondering what...