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adam and eve

  1. spiriteddove05

    99.9 % Of Believers Cannot Perceive The Root Of Temptation (Curiosity)!!!!

    Chris Lasala Reveals the Root of Temptation : How an evil spirit of curiosity draws you into a multitude of Sins. Curiosity was the fist thing that drew Eve to Sin against God and it works in the world today everyday to draw believers into continual sin. Curiosity is the root of Lust...
  2. Kirby D. P.

    The Garden and the Fall

    Hello. Polite atheist here. A brainteaser just occurred to me upon which I would love some of your opinions. It’s going to sound like a typical pain in the neck atheist “gotcha“ question, and I do apologize. I don’t offer it in that spirit. Rather, as many of you know, I am fascinated with...
  3. T

    Adam and Eve had to be holy/distinct

    They were because they were formed by God rather than created on the sixth day like the rest of us mere humans and yet they were mere humans like us. They had to be holy/distinct in order for their descendents to bear the Messiah/Christ of humanity holy and pure, born of a virgin.