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godsgirl Christian User Names 8 47279 godsgirl Water Cooler
shortlady My Birthday Message 2 41717 shortlady Water Cooler
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Chad Cool Quotes 2 27960 Chad Water Cooler
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Ann Mondex Smartcard. 1 24375 Ann Water Cooler
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sunshine307 Come and Worship 223 17423 sunshine307 Water Cooler
Zulu Daily Praise Thread 169 14430 Zulu Water Cooler
Francesca Jehovah's Witnesses 139 13938 Francesca Water Cooler
seekingchrist Black Hole in Whirpool Galaxy 0 13921 seekingchrist Water Cooler
Set Free! Jesus and Tourettes 15 13787 Set Free! Water Cooler
AngelLoverMom What does Wisdom mean? 4 11944 AngelLoverMom Water Cooler
Quenton Advise 142 11575 Quenton Water Cooler
Faithful Son Scripture needed for funeral. 3 10370 Faithful Son Water Cooler
Faithful Son I saw Jesus in the clouds! 12 10238 Faithful Son Water Cooler
rizen1 Purity Conference ..for girls 12-18 2 9019 rizen1 Water Cooler
Faithful Son The Three Worded Christian Thread 154 8958 Faithful Son Water Cooler
Alicia The Lord's Prayer 1 8774 Alicia Water Cooler
Life49 Where do dogs go after death? 4 8386 Life49 Water Cooler
abigya Jesus is Coming back! 3 7656 abigya Water Cooler
Property Of God C.S Lewis Best Quotes 0 7538 Property Of God Water Cooler
fearnot The will of God will never take you,.... 2 7320 fearnot Water Cooler
JosephLove Is David C. Pack the end-time apostle? 3 6857 JosephLove Water Cooler
RJ Who And What Is A True Christian 129 6764 RJ Water Cooler
rizen1 Starting a bible study @ school 0 6335 rizen1 Water Cooler
Chad About "Lounge". Please Read First 10 5829 Chad Water Cooler
calluna Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 0 5795 calluna Water Cooler
shortlady The Benefits of Faithfulness 0 5653 shortlady Water Cooler
rhomphaia Allah versus Yahweh,Same God? 8 5583 rhomphaia Water Cooler
scofieldII Where do we go when we die? 19 5531 scofieldII Water Cooler
shortlady If God Is For Us, Who Will Stand Against Us? 1 5512 shortlady Water Cooler
Brad Huber Top ten reasons a woman can ruin her marriage 11 5490 Brad Huber Water Cooler
shortlady "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, 2 5484 shortlady Water Cooler
Hezekiah Evolution, Satan's Theory 3 5458 Hezekiah Water Cooler
rizen1 Hangman..lets play 66 5369 rizen1 Water Cooler
shortlady If God is for us, who shall stand against us? 1 5262 shortlady Water Cooler
Daesin chat room 4 5242 Daesin Water Cooler
shortlady Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character." 0 5145 shortlady Water Cooler
mymakersdaughter To All Canadians on here 49 5105 mymakersdaughter Water Cooler
Jehovah Jireh 70 times 7 5 5004 Jehovah Jireh Water Cooler
TaylorDonBarret Psychological factors that cause Homosexuality 95 4970 TaylorDonBarret Water Cooler
shortlady Return to me, and I will return to you," says the Lord 1 4878 shortlady Water Cooler
Coconut Looky Here Everyone! 65 4831 Coconut Water Cooler
shortlady Have faith in the Lord your God 1 4692 shortlady Water Cooler
Chad A little faith booster in hard times... 1 4593 Chad Water Cooler
4ever_Thankful Encouraging Bible Verses 4 4546 4ever_Thankful Water Cooler
shortlady Do Not Be Afraid, Nor Be Dismayed 0 4483 shortlady Water Cooler
rizen1 Removing the chains of bondage 9 4440 rizen1 Water Cooler
shortlady Come before the throne of God with boldness 1 4428 shortlady Water Cooler
2writerlou Christian Friends to Chat With? 11 4401 2writerlou Water Cooler
shortlady Cast Your Burdens on Jesus 0 4346 shortlady Water Cooler
shortlady Do Not Forget to Entertain Strangers 2 4208 shortlady Water Cooler
revbrad The Rag Man 1 4180 revbrad Water Cooler
shortlady Keep on asking, seeking, knocking 1 4165 shortlady Water Cooler
abigya Seven things God cannot Do 0 4157 abigya Water Cooler
LordKnows ★ Christians AREN'T perfect! 82 4142 LordKnows Water Cooler
Snowrose Jesus Asks the Question, "Who Do You Say I Am?" 3 4075 Snowrose Water Cooler
Chad The Passion of the Christ - by Mel Gibson 30 4034 Chad Water Cooler
shortlady The Lord your God, will hold your right hand 0 3979 shortlady Water Cooler
Dalia Do you agree with me or not? 41 3978 Dalia Water Cooler
Jehovah Jireh Purpose Driven Life ?????? 35 3904 Jehovah Jireh Water Cooler
AudreyNicole Fix a Wrinkled Bible Page? 2 3882 AudreyNicole Water Cooler
shortlady Beware of false prophets 47 3844 shortlady Water Cooler
shortlady Trust God, even when you feel weak and powerless... 0 3826 shortlady Water Cooler
shortlady The Spiritual Significance of Numbers 0 3786 shortlady Water Cooler
Apple Chatroom 42 3707 Apple Water Cooler
mounty You will Cry, sad story 1 3703 mounty Water Cooler
Rickeo Questions: Masturbation 3 3659 Rickeo Water Cooler
hgchrisfor Intimacy before marriage / sexual immorality? 4 3650 hgchrisfor Water Cooler
shortlady Steps of a good man are ordered by Lord 0 3639 shortlady Water Cooler
Mike Scott Oprah W.??? Christian or not??? 26 3561 Mike Scott Water Cooler
Zulu Turn Your Weakness Into Strength 0 3557 Zulu Water Cooler
ladylovesJesus Daily In Your Presence/ Reverence 0 3513 ladylovesJesus Water Cooler
Eagle forgiveness sets you free 44 3456 Eagle Water Cooler
shortlady God Gives Us Wisdom 0 3454 shortlady Water Cooler
rizen1 Worship 2 3365 rizen1 Water Cooler
Julie.S I'm rather worried 52 3360 Julie.S Water Cooler
shortlady Be Joyful In Hope, Patient In Affliction 0 3358 shortlady Water Cooler
LegendaryU2K God bless american? 23 3265 LegendaryU2K Water Cooler
Richie I want to share my happiness with you... 1 3261 Richie Water Cooler
Granny Depression can be a chemical imbalance 21 3233 Granny Water Cooler
shortlady He will raise us up on the last day 0 3188 shortlady Water Cooler
shortlady What a wonderful, wonderful God we serve 1 3162 shortlady Water Cooler
shortlady Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. 1 3151 shortlady Water Cooler
shortlady Set Your Mind On Things Above 2 3136 shortlady Water Cooler
Stylez4Christ have a question, what is a meaning of Non-Denomination 6 3087 Stylez4Christ Water Cooler
shortlady Believe in the Lord your God 0 2967 shortlady Water Cooler
Giblien Am I being called to ministry? Please Help! 2 2964 Giblien Water Cooler
rizen1 "Three word story board," ...Add your 3 words. 0 2954 rizen1 Water Cooler
B-A-C Christians Arguing for the sake of debate? 8 2951 B-A-C Water Cooler
Chad Dont' buy Pepsi 32 2934 Chad Water Cooler
shortlady Be not deceived, bad company corrupts good morals 0 2929 shortlady Water Cooler
shortlady Is there anything too hard for god? 0 2903 shortlady Water Cooler
shortlady Behold, i stand at the door and knock 4 2871 shortlady Water Cooler
shortlady Eye has not seen, nor ear heard 0 2866 shortlady Water Cooler
hadirfuss Why does God allow sickness? 1 2862 hadirfuss Water Cooler
rizen1 Overcoming Depression 1 2858 rizen1 Water Cooler
lohsc Leaving current church to join another... New trend? 2 2810 lohsc Water Cooler