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KellyJean Ideas for group games at a youth lock-in 7 34031 KellyJean Teen Hangout
ladylovesJesus FREE Daily Devotions for Youth 0 28118 ladylovesJesus Teen Hangout
shingie Encouragement to the youth 0 17178 shingie Teen Hangout
sober tattoos?? 81 16725 sober Teen Hangout
DaughterofEve Eloping? 26 14973 DaughterofEve Teen Hangout
DaughterofEve First kiss? 92 13364 DaughterofEve Teen Hangout
spicyjoe Does God's forgiveness have a limit? 666 number seen everywhere and stop cursing! 12 12696 spicyjoe Teen Hangout
godsgirl Youth Group Names 7 12140 godsgirl Teen Hangout
_aaron Twitter and Social Networking: Is it worth it? 32 8988 _aaron Teen Hangout
Bobinfaith Christian Rap? 71 8776 Bobinfaith Teen Hangout
rizen1 The Real Truth about Sex 25 8409 rizen1 Teen Hangout
Zulu What does 'spiritual growth' mean? 6 8084 Zulu Teen Hangout
Ladybug16 Demonic Movies... Your thoughts 34 7663 Ladybug16 Teen Hangout
DaughterofEve Where are you from? 71 7154 DaughterofEve Teen Hangout
The Templar Is there such thing as destiny in love? 8 6903 The Templar Teen Hangout
Chad Just for teens... 52 6305 Chad Teen Hangout
Fragrant Grace Mum, I want some lipstick!! 24 6230 Fragrant Grace Teen Hangout
Ehall67 Musical Celebrity's Vs. God 21 6142 Ehall67 Teen Hangout
QuietProtest4t Drinking and clubs??? 48 6076 QuietProtest4t Teen Hangout
Tollo_Eruanna Peircings 52 5944 Tollo_Eruanna Teen Hangout
dannibear How to Help Without Getting Taken Advantage Of 2 4694 dannibear Teen Hangout
Chad Honoring Our Parents Part 3; How We Honor Our Pare 0 4642 Chad Teen Hangout
vlooi jeans, good or not???!! 40 4429 vlooi Teen Hangout
Tollo_Eruanna MySpace 30 4216 Tollo_Eruanna Teen Hangout
freya_gabriella Christian Teens in public schools 13 4194 freya_gabriella Teen Hangout
Stylez4Christ When teenagers say this>>>Oh My Gd? Is t 33 4053 Stylez4Christ Teen Hangout
Goggatjie punk/emo 6 4011 Goggatjie Teen Hangout
Jesus_Freak8 Looking for friends...this is so old... 15 3989 Jesus_Freak8 Teen Hangout
4Given Sunday School Books for teens 2 3588 4Given Teen Hangout
Lawligator Favourite Verse of the bible? 26 3522 Lawligator Teen Hangout
JFreak2011 holding hands 20 3511 JFreak2011 Teen Hangout
lou The Uk and Rock music 27 3510 lou Teen Hangout
naomi New Life Fellowship India 7 3486 naomi Teen Hangout
Cody Dating 4 3433 Cody Teen Hangout
Rickeo Teen Suffering Depression 22 3221 Rickeo Teen Hangout
Princess487 what's your difinition of dating and going out? 23 3186 Princess487 Teen Hangout
WantToKnowHim Good Christian Movie 19 3150 WantToKnowHim Teen Hangout
Jesusislove should we listen to other music beside christian? 15 3086 Jesusislove Teen Hangout
Bobinfaith Live Chat For Teens.. 18 3005 Bobinfaith Teen Hangout
HannahBanana Standing against the crowd: A common teen problem. 5 2997 HannahBanana Teen Hangout
fevoldj2 Why are people so cruel? 20 2946 fevoldj2 Teen Hangout
ladylovesJesus Daily Devotions for Youth 1 2810 ladylovesJesus Teen Hangout
skipbeat Finding easier wasys to profess your faith/faithfulness 3 2774 skipbeat Teen Hangout
JesusLovesMe Below Average Height? 19 2765 JesusLovesMe Teen Hangout
DaughterofEve Home schooled? 18 2753 DaughterofEve Teen Hangout
dannibear How Can I Convince My Parents To Take Me To Church? 1 2729 dannibear Teen Hangout
Ncdataman What MTV Taught Me About Forgiveness 1 2718 Ncdataman Teen Hangout
Etienne Marais What tipe of music should a Christian listen to???? 16 2685 Etienne Marais Teen Hangout
missionary05 Delight Yourself in the Lord and He does pretty sweet things! 0 2670 missionary05 Teen Hangout
Shakinnah If we lack boldness, does it mean we are Ashamed of God 3 2632 Shakinnah Teen Hangout
dannibear James Derham: From Slave to Doctor 0 2609 dannibear Teen Hangout
mounty Abortion 11 2580 mounty Teen Hangout
CrazyForChrist I want to grow up! 25 2565 CrazyForChrist Teen Hangout
Sucat Grumpy Christians? 8 2548 Sucat Teen Hangout
Hea Secular songs 7 2545 Hea Teen Hangout
NSNRJT93 Guys vs. Girls Race: A Forum Game 13 2537 NSNRJT93 Teen Hangout
CircleOfFriends Some advice appreciated....struggling to believe 15 2512 CircleOfFriends Teen Hangout
Redeemed11 How did you get saved?:) 25 2485 Redeemed11 Teen Hangout
Klodian Girls & Boys - Problems in relationship 14 2428 Klodian Teen Hangout
nockdan Too Busy for God 13 2397 nockdan Teen Hangout
mskayallyn Makeup? 18 2390 mskayallyn Teen Hangout
Rickeo Done Something Bad 22 2339 Rickeo Teen Hangout
lou Teens!!! 14 2307 lou Teen Hangout
dannibear Discovering What You Were Created To Do 0 2239 dannibear Teen Hangout
Jesusgirlkk Addiction to electronics 13 2232 Jesusgirlkk Teen Hangout
Jimmieboy Going to Church 18 2231 Jimmieboy Teen Hangout
Ultrasonic A girl in my youth group 9 2186 Ultrasonic Teen Hangout
alli.rose.9.16 I'm a little confused.. 15 2184 alli.rose.9.16 Teen Hangout
alicia_charne Statement 11 2176 alicia_charne Teen Hangout
lou I am frustrated ! 19 2134 lou Teen Hangout
scofieldII Cursing 10 2133 scofieldII Teen Hangout
Girl He wont leave me alone!!!! 2 2130 Girl Teen Hangout
Princess487 Topics for Teen Bible Discussions 5 2065 Princess487 Teen Hangout
calvarychild Radical Christians 19 2031 calvarychild Teen Hangout
4Given Issues 13 2027 4Given Teen Hangout
minory girl if you are single, read this (for single people only) 8 2022 minory girl Teen Hangout
Heather-Anne LIES & GODS TRUTH 10 2021 Heather-Anne Teen Hangout
Faithful Son Teens & Youth, what do you want to discuss? 7 2017 Faithful Son Teen Hangout
HEAVENSOUND Deception 18 2015 HEAVENSOUND Teen Hangout
ladylovesJesus How can I live as a Christian in my society... 18 1998 ladylovesJesus Teen Hangout
HEAVENSOUND What Satan Wants 15 1994 HEAVENSOUND Teen Hangout
Princess487 halloween 12 1972 Princess487 Teen Hangout
JesusFreak95 need help! i dunno what to do! 12 1968 JesusFreak95 Teen Hangout
sober they said.... 16 1929 sober Teen Hangout
Sucat About Missons!!! My desire I love----but feel I can't reach. 10 1921 Sucat Teen Hangout
christian 19 I'm hurting, please help? 10 1919 christian 19 Teen Hangout
QuietProtest4t Does anyone? 15 1899 QuietProtest4t Teen Hangout
SongofPraise Have tongues been stilled? 10 1895 SongofPraise Teen Hangout
dannibear Friends With Unbelievers 5 1857 dannibear Teen Hangout
Ncdataman Is There Life After High School Musical 1 1854 Ncdataman Teen Hangout
sandygloria Oh… i think i’m in love! 1 1853 sandygloria Teen Hangout
stephaniejade30 Hi from the UK:) 10 1848 stephaniejade30 Teen Hangout
sunshineerin inspiration 13 1844 sunshineerin Teen Hangout
christian 19 Please help 17 1842 christian 19 Teen Hangout
dannibear Sex Is Like a Gift Wrapped in Brown Paper 2 1834 dannibear Teen Hangout
Caroline Looking for new friends!! 11 1806 Caroline Teen Hangout
journalgirl I don't know what to do! 10 1785 journalgirl Teen Hangout
Chad ATTENTION: Forum for Teens Only! 1 1731 Chad Teen Hangout
DaughterofEve Missionary? 12 1730 DaughterofEve Teen Hangout
roel_canillo The True Beauty 8 1683 roel_canillo Teen Hangout