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herriseone Yoga: Okay for Christians or not? 60 258008 herriseone Polls
for christ is it a sin for christian to go night clubbing 94 47674 for christ Polls
Chad What version Bible do you read? 344 39214 Chad Polls
Nugget The Trinity - True or False 267 26223 Nugget Polls
Cody Do you go to church? 145 20040 Cody Polls
s.i.e. Is suicide a sin? Do you go to hell for it? 198 20012 s.i.e. Polls
Fragrant Grace Is it sinful and vain for women to wear makeup? 129 19826 Fragrant Grace Polls
Jesusgirlkk Do you think Christians can listen to any type of music 91 19460 Jesusgirlkk Polls
nicolek once saved, always saved???? 216 16781 nicolek Polls
nEw.CrEaTiOn Is abortion ever ok??? 91 16119 nEw.CrEaTiOn Polls
sade Once Saved Always Saved and Conditional Security 199 16113 sade Polls
cb6mustang5 The Sabbath 222 15886 cb6mustang5 Polls
Richie Is it right to criticize a man of God? 112 15819 Richie Polls
Richard Biggest need in the church? 139 15000 Richard Polls
jjkirk Sensitive topic 77 14301 jjkirk Polls
hallswifee06 Christians and Antidepressants 24 14119 hallswifee06 Polls
nicolek When were you baptised? 99 13826 nicolek Polls
Chad How Did You Find Talk Jesus Forums? 82 12986 Chad Polls
geethan123 Average age of TJ user!! 103 12936 geethan123 Polls
yegoryeliz Holy Spirit 131 12767 yegoryeliz Polls
blessed07 does smoking cigarettes hinder a christian 39 11971 blessed07 Polls
rizen1 Is it ok to french kiss someone’s spouse 64 11821 rizen1 Polls
Jonah2005bt GOD talk to us through our dreams? 35 11412 Jonah2005bt Polls
Fragrant Grace What are your views on smoking? 97 11034 Fragrant Grace Polls
Jesusstar What Is Your Favorite Style of Christian Music 81 10837 Jesusstar Polls
louis Does God exist inside or outside of TIME 61 10758 louis Polls
GODSlittleBUNNY What came first the chicken or the egg? 36 10109 GODSlittleBUNNY Polls
hadirfuss End Times? 49 9429 hadirfuss Polls
nicolek how long have you been a Christian? 49 9204 nicolek Polls
sorrow Should Christianity be Taught in Schools 61 9134 sorrow Polls
rizen1 Is it God's will when bad things happen ? 34 9132 rizen1 Polls
redeemed4life Are swimsuit magazines of women considered pornography? 60 8709 redeemed4life Polls
WaitingForJesus Your Rapture view? 88 8693 WaitingForJesus Polls
Chad Forum for adult discussions? 51 8440 Chad Polls
DeeperStill Which church fellowship do you attend? 73 8423 DeeperStill Polls
rizen1 Does kid pageants promote child pornography ? 30 8350 rizen1 Polls
dchena Do you keep the Saturday Sabbath? 49 8268 dchena Polls
ronaldo which is the best switchfoot song ?????? 5 8255 ronaldo Polls
Chad Holy Spirit 55 7935 Chad Polls
DaughterofEve Favorite animal? 60 7775 DaughterofEve Polls
Chad Prayer time in live chat room 4 7681 Chad Polls
revbrad Churches and Eggs 61 7606 revbrad Polls
Chad New Ideas / Features for Talk Jesus Forums (April 2013) 40 7504 Chad Polls
DutchChristian is OSAS lethal poison? 94 7333 DutchChristian Polls
Richie Heaven vs earth 21 7221 Richie Polls
rizen1 Should Christians get HIV Tested ? 25 7189 rizen1 Polls
08kellcd What do you think is an important characteristic in a friend? 30 7155 08kellcd Polls
Property Of God What kind of religion Islam is? 56 7139 Property Of God Polls
naomi Secular music 67 6983 naomi Polls
WritersHeart In the End Times? 40 6953 WritersHeart Polls
Fragrant Grace What are your views on Disney? 79 6904 Fragrant Grace Polls
B-A-C Under Grace, Should We Continue to Sin? 47 6592 B-A-C Polls
Julie1983 Do You Watch Horror Movies? 43 6557 Julie1983 Polls
Chad Prayer Time 32 6463 Chad Polls
Chad Talk Jesus New Design! 44 6448 Chad Polls
Chad How did you find Talk Jesus? 57 6426 Chad Polls
herriseone Do You think you're doing enough?? 45 6415 herriseone Polls
Jun Purpose Driven Life 57 6379 Jun Polls
Mike Do You Witness To Strangers ? 22 6357 Mike Polls
rizen1 Do you believe it is possible to live a life without sin 49 6351 rizen1 Polls
pjnewman Bible Reading: Have you ever... 45 6349 pjnewman Polls
Jemdude Are young marriages the solution to sexual immorality among teens and young adults? 27 6287 Jemdude Polls
amanda_Mandy Myspace 51 6269 amanda_Mandy Polls
blessed07 the insertion of the microchip 40 6146 blessed07 Polls
nicolek god's voice 45 6118 nicolek Polls
Chad Contests! Contests! Contests! 47 5995 Chad Polls
JHM What do you think of "Strong's Exhaustive Concordance" 11 5984 JHM Polls
Christ4Ever Am I required to follow the Law? 64 5845 Christ4Ever Polls
charlie11 did i commit blasphemy of the holy spirit 37 5815 charlie11 Polls
RJ Do Christians Have To Keep Asking For Forgiveness For Each Sin? 83 5717 RJ Polls
for christ can a christian couple sleep togther ? 43 5092 for christ Polls
Pentecostal Free Will: Yes or No? 50 5089 Pentecostal Polls
Princess487 How did you find TJ? 42 5058 Princess487 Polls
lisa18360 did you 1st find God in a church building ? 36 5058 lisa18360 Polls
Christ4Ever Is Jesus the Only Way to be Saved? 41 4965 Christ4Ever Polls
tomsk How many of your friends are Christian? 28 4955 tomsk Polls
coolchristiangurl hey, girls,poll for you! 27 4928 coolchristiangurl Polls
rizen1 Covenant before God vs Secular State Marriage ? 9 4851 rizen1 Polls
dannibear Would You Introduce Hallmark Icons to Your Kids? 32 4661 dannibear Polls
2beholy Do we give money or food? 42 4632 2beholy Polls
pixie Did Jesus laugh with His friends? 27 4614 pixie Polls
trulyblezzed What's your strongest fruit? 29 4546 trulyblezzed Polls
dchena Someone confesses an abortion to you 24 4539 dchena Polls
Chad Has Talked Jesus Helped or Inspired You? 38 4537 Chad Polls
godsgirl Other ways to tithing other then tithing by money? 2 4505 godsgirl Polls
Richie When do you think of God........ 29 4382 Richie Polls
AudreyNicole Do you like traditional or modern churches? 30 4271 AudreyNicole Polls
B-A-C Should we only confess our sins to God? 6 4185 B-A-C Polls
dannibear How Often Do You Read Your Bible? 25 4109 dannibear Polls
RJ Are We Saved By Grace Alone or Does It Include Man's Works 48 4043 RJ Polls
rizen1 Do you support internet dating ? 23 3953 rizen1 Polls
beky should christians listen to classic music 3 3916 beky Polls
amanda123 Do you wear your sunday best for church 18 3906 amanda123 Polls
GodWithUs How did you discover TalkJesus? 20 3888 GodWithUs Polls
Michelle71 What would you do if aliens were real? 37 3743 Michelle71 Polls
Chad $5 per month for chat system? 28 3735 Chad Polls
amanda123 have you or would you get your children vaccinated 26 3682 amanda123 Polls
Chad Favorite Contemporary Christian Song? 14 3679 Chad Polls
1989 Singing 22 3610 1989 Polls
SasyBoy Do you hear God? 33 3569 SasyBoy Polls