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Chad Community Guideline 0 85663 Chad News Stand
Chad Statement of Faith 0 26696 Chad News Stand
Chad Angelica Zambrano: Vision of Kingdoms of Heaven & Hell 61 24449 Chad News Stand
Chad Islam = A Hate Religion (Photos Inside) 150 21082 Chad News Stand
Chad Talk Jesus Visitor Info + Google Analytics 44 11718 Chad News Stand
Chad Please Help Talk Jesus Community 31 10159 Chad News Stand
Chad Please donate to Christian Charity 14 9424 Chad News Stand
Chad Moderators Wanted 75 8149 Chad News Stand
Ed Obama is the antiChrist? Please.....!!!! 58 7620 Ed News Stand
Chad New Site 40 7551 Chad News Stand
seekermeister Newegg Bans The Bible 15 7292 seekermeister News Stand
rhomphaia Obama and the Antichrist Stage 63 7177 rhomphaia News Stand
Coconut David Wilkerson: An Urgent Message 48 6374 Coconut News Stand
Chad Moderators Wanted 44 6239 Chad News Stand
faithfulservant Cyber-Warriors for Obama infiltrating forums. 15 5905 faithfulservant News Stand
dannibear Mosque to be built near ground zero 62 5887 dannibear News Stand
Chad Christian Bakers Fined, Gagged in Gay Cake Case 118 5675 Chad News Stand
Brother Mike Pepsi uses Dead babies as flavor enhancement 13 5520 Brother Mike News Stand
Coconut Talk Jesus News Flash! 49 5122 Coconut News Stand
Chad Obama Not An American Citizen 24 5074 Chad News Stand
rizen1 Israel mounts third day of Gaza killings 57 4912 rizen1 News Stand
dannibear Richard Dawkins "I'm Not Certain God Does Not Exist" 50 4747 dannibear News Stand
Chad DaVinci Code 45 4701 Chad News Stand
Chad 2/17/05 New: Forum Statistics 2 4657 Chad News Stand
Chad Happy Birthday Talk Jesus! 6 Years Strong! 22 4548 Chad News Stand
spirit1st Barack Obama 31 4336 spirit1st News Stand
Chad Chadi & Gabriela 64 4021 Chad News Stand
Fragrant Grace London Buses Islamic posters 8 4016 Fragrant Grace News Stand
Chad Community Transformation (Old) 12 3888 Chad News Stand
Chad Michael Jackson dead at 50. Should we be afraid to die? 37 3710 Chad News Stand
Mike What You Don't Know About Chad ! 21 3635 Mike News Stand
SpiritLedEd Why debates aren't allowed 37 3623 SpiritLedEd News Stand
Craig Allan Restoring Faith through Scripture 4 3607 Craig Allan News Stand
Chad Moderator's Wanted: New Call 33 3590 Chad News Stand
Chad Important Message 16 3534 Chad News Stand
Fragrant Grace 33 Christians sentenced for execution by Kim Jong-un 11 3490 Fragrant Grace News Stand
Chad Talk Jesus Turns 10 Years Old! 12 3351 Chad News Stand
shaun_nj Genesis has been mistranslated for centuries 10 3259 shaun_nj News Stand
rizen1 Taking the Me out of Christmas 23 3244 rizen1 News Stand
::PreciousinChrist:: Obama's True Colors 30 3240 ::PreciousinChrist:: News Stand
Property Of God Osama Bin Laden uses wife as human shield 30 3107 Property Of God News Stand
Chad Happy 8th Birthday Talk Jesus Forums! 29 3100 Chad News Stand
Chad Massive Prayer Meeting 38 3099 Chad News Stand
Chad Happy 7th Birthday Talk Jesus! 21 3081 Chad News Stand
Chad Promote Talk Jesus 20 3035 Chad News Stand
Chad Coming Soon: Global Bank / Antichrist? 6 2964 Chad News Stand
Chad Talk Jesus: Revised, Reimagined. 26 2949 Chad News Stand
Chad Sarah Palin and Abortion 31 2912 Chad News Stand
Chad To Do List 14 2879 Chad News Stand
Timmy G Uploading a picture for a new thread 1 2876 Timmy G News Stand
David777 Sheep are smart! 20 2873 David777 News Stand
Chad Where was God on September 11? 26 2842 Chad News Stand
Chad Bible Quotes 0 2834 Chad News Stand
Chad Petition to the a&e network demanding... 12 2823 Chad News Stand
Chad Activist Judge Strikes Down Ban On Homosexual Marriage 26 2813 Chad News Stand
Chad 10 Reasons NOT to vote for Obama 21 2811 Chad News Stand
Seeker Of Jesus Are USB devices satanic? 12 2807 Seeker Of Jesus News Stand
Mike GODS building through talkjesus !!! 6 2753 Mike News Stand
Property Of God Vatican reverses stance on gay Marriage. 19 2696 Property Of God News Stand
dannibear Ga. Student Fights Expulsion Over Beliefs 43 2658 dannibear News Stand
Chad Digg a Thread! 20 2655 Chad News Stand
Chad ...He Is Risen!!! 5 2615 Chad News Stand
Chad History Mystery 16 2610 Chad News Stand
Lion_of_Judah ..make sure seniors know it is time to commit suicide.. 24 2589 Lion_of_Judah News Stand
Chad New Features 17 2586 Chad News Stand
Chad Help Talk Jesus! 8 2585 Chad News Stand
Mouse Muslims and Catholics to meet 20 2552 Mouse News Stand
Chad Major Revisions: The Talk Jesus Total Revamp Thread 22 2464 Chad News Stand
sparky Explosions in London 25 2419 sparky News Stand
Chad Merry Christmas! 14 2394 Chad News Stand
Truehearts Lady Gaga's Manila Concert - Christians Protest 6 2381 Truehearts News Stand
Chad Moderators Needed 23 2376 Chad News Stand
sunshine307 Outcry as clergy say calling God 'He' or 'Lord' encourages wife-beating 14 2312 sunshine307 News Stand
Chad New Site! 8 2304 Chad News Stand
Jonah2005bt They're saying Christians are based on hatred 24 2283 Jonah2005bt News Stand
Cherubpuff 9/11 2010 burn quran day = foolish? 22 2273 Cherubpuff News Stand
rizen1 Kentucky church bars interracial couples as members 32 2273 rizen1 News Stand
Chad TELL A FRIEND! 0 2244 Chad News Stand
Chad Merry Christmas! 10 2239 Chad News Stand
Chad Astonishing picture of baby born inside amniotic sac... 2 2238 Chad News Stand
rizen1 Happy birthday Chad from TalkJesus Family 3 2237 rizen1 News Stand
Chad Activity is Lacking 18 2228 Chad News Stand
Chad Stunning New Evidence that Jesus Lived 0 2213 Chad News Stand
Chad "Are ya kidding me?!" No complaints for 21 days 19 2204 Chad News Stand
Christ4Ever Christian Teens Say Gay Activist Made Girls Cry 25 2198 Christ4Ever News Stand
Chad Marketing Volunteers 5 2182 Chad News Stand
Chad VERY bad: Look where ISIS death squad terrorists just showed up 42 2168 Chad News Stand
Chad As Deaths Rise in Kiev, So Do Fears Ukraine Will Use Troops 1 2159 Chad News Stand
Chad January's Contest! 14 2152 Chad News Stand
Chad California Homosexual Agenda 14 2147 Chad News Stand
dannibear no more in God we trust? 10 2146 dannibear News Stand
Colin2000 I Bind the Satan! 13 2140 Colin2000 News Stand
living4onlyJC A grand story 5 2130 living4onlyJC News Stand
Chad A Black Columnist speaks on Obama 15 2112 Chad News Stand
Chad Bible Answers Forum Unlocked! 0 2105 Chad News Stand
Chad Agape Press Daily News... 0 2097 Chad News Stand
Mike Should homosexuals marry one another? 15 2055 Mike News Stand
Boanerges Revival in Haiti 11 2046 Boanerges News Stand
Chad Pruning (poll) 14 1997 Chad News Stand
Mouse Has Noah's Ark Been Found on Turkish Mountaintop? 4 1995 Mouse News Stand