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Property Of God Bible verses in times of stress 32 67452 Property Of God Devotionals
rjones 12 Gates of Jerusalem (Part I) 3 45882 rjones Devotionals
jeremiah7 Simple Thoughts On Promises- 1 401 26881 jeremiah7 Devotionals
rjones What is Consecration? 0 23682 rjones Devotionals
Spirit Baptized! PROVERBS 28:13 UNCONFESSED SIN! 2 21967 Spirit Baptized! Devotionals
rizen1 The battle is already won 0 21718 rizen1 Devotionals
Spirit Baptized! ECCLESIASTES 4:9-12 BELIEVERS SUPPORTING BELIEVERS! 1 18664 Spirit Baptized! Devotionals
rjones 12 Gates of Jerusalem (part III) 0 16564 rjones Devotionals
rjones Lord, I Need Your Guidance 0 14267 rjones Devotionals
Keifer Daily Bread 210 14141 Keifer Devotionals
Tar Hollow camper An incredible ex-Muslim's testimony 19 13098 Tar Hollow camper Devotionals
Coconut The Broken Alabaster Box 3 12571 Coconut Devotionals
jeremiah7 Daily Bible Blessing 163 12017 jeremiah7 Devotionals
NetChaplain "None But The Hungry Heart" -Miles Stanford 125 11173 NetChaplain Devotionals
shortlady The Bible is full of Paradoxes 1 10331 shortlady Devotionals
Story-Teller Jesus heals the brokenhearted 4 10194 Story-Teller Devotionals
ladylovesJesus Word 4 U 2day/Meditate and Ruminate 0 9521 ladylovesJesus Devotionals
Simon Spend Time with God EVERY Day 95 8581 Simon Devotionals
Spirit Baptized! PROVERBS 27:19 OUTWARD VS INWARD APPEARENCE! 0 8532 Spirit Baptized! Devotionals
Chad Encouraging Bible Verses with a Message 0 7951 Chad Devotionals
Zulu Why Does The Lord Allow The Devil To Test Us? 4 7854 Zulu Devotionals
Coconut Sucker Shoots 6 7122 Coconut Devotionals
Property Of God God loves you more than anyone. 0 7087 Property Of God Devotionals
Story-Teller The story of the "ants” 8 6965 Story-Teller Devotionals
jeremiah7 Thoughts from the book of Isaiah 41 6874 jeremiah7 Devotionals
Story-Teller Modern Day Good Samaritan 0 6360 Story-Teller Devotionals
Property Of God The Story of a Bamboo Tree 0 6262 Property Of God Devotionals
Chad Depression or Pride: Suicide 20 6205 Chad Devotionals
Ncdataman Let's Cross Over to the Other Side 2 6096 Ncdataman Devotionals
Story-Teller Senior version of Jesus Loves Me 2 5723 Story-Teller Devotionals
Zulu Today's promise from the Bible. 4 5440 Zulu Devotionals
shortlady Great rejoicing in heaven over 1 sinner 0 5319 shortlady Devotionals
ladylovesJesus Ask God for what you want! 0 5308 ladylovesJesus Devotionals
jeremiah7 Random Thoughts- 1 47 5302 jeremiah7 Devotionals
Word of Life Don't follow fickle feelings; follow God 0 5282 Word of Life Devotionals
YourPastorT Is the Enemy Camped around You? 33 5086 YourPastorT Devotionals
Story-Teller Pray, aim high and stay focused 4 5047 Story-Teller Devotionals
Word of Life Character and Anointing 2 4875 Word of Life Devotionals
Boanerges Day by Day Grace 40 4832 Boanerges Devotionals
Chad Trusting Jesus / Jeremiah 29:11 Devotional 0 4713 Chad Devotionals
rjones 12 Gates of Jerusalam (part II) 0 4642 rjones Devotionals
rjones The Power of Praise and Worship 2 4603 rjones Devotionals
Chad Broken Vessels in the Potters Hand 1 4526 Chad Devotionals
Story-Teller Powerful mottos 0 4513 Story-Teller Devotionals
abigya Take every thought captive 0 4434 abigya Devotionals
Chad Heart of Stone, or a Heart of Clay 1 4421 Chad Devotionals
Coconut They Spat On Jesus 1 4345 Coconut Devotionals
Word of Life Does God Use Cracked Pots? 0 4341 Word of Life Devotionals
rjones Understanding Intercession 0 4339 rjones Devotionals
Ncdataman Half-Hearted Commitment 3 4299 Ncdataman Devotionals
Chad Today's Promise from the Bible 1 4272 Chad Devotionals
Nigh When Fishermen Don't Fish 0 4258 Nigh Devotionals
shortlady "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh. 0 4235 shortlady Devotionals
Word of Life Faith Experiences 0 4185 Word of Life Devotionals
Story-Teller My Big Brother 3 4114 Story-Teller Devotionals
shortlady Jehovah Rapha - God Our Healer 0 4106 shortlady Devotionals
Chad The Cross Before the Crown 0 4066 Chad Devotionals
Chad Preface to The Great Divorce 0 4061 Chad Devotionals
Chad About Daily Devotionals Forum 5 4050 Chad Devotionals
Chad Noah's Ark Had No Rudder 1 4046 Chad Devotionals
shortlady Daily Bread (Cast Your Cares) 0 3985 shortlady Devotionals
comeuphither What is a salty Christian? 6 3956 comeuphither Devotionals
grace07 Tips For Spiritual Health 0 3935 grace07 Devotionals
rjones The Secret to Victory Over Temptation 0 3896 rjones Devotionals
rjones Revelation of God's Glory 1 3875 rjones Devotionals
Jonah2005bt Why Go To Church? 5 3873 Jonah2005bt Devotionals
RJ No Repentance For Those Who Fall Away 5 3857 RJ Devotionals
Fragrant Grace Let's share a testimony of praise and thanks daily 216 3799 Fragrant Grace Devotionals
hadirfuss A Heart of Flesh 0 3790 hadirfuss Devotionals
jeremiah7 Dr. Johnson's Devotionals 2011 35 3715 jeremiah7 Devotionals
ladylovesJesus The Word For Today/A seamless robe 1 3689 ladylovesJesus Devotionals
abigya Blessed are you when people insult you 1 3608 abigya Devotionals
rizen1 Every action you take is a seed you sow 1 3595 rizen1 Devotionals
ladylovesJesus Daily In Christ/Renewing Your Mind 0 3541 ladylovesJesus Devotionals
shortlady Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, 0 3530 shortlady Devotionals
Word of Life God's Word Is Like A Seed 1 3505 Word of Life Devotionals
grace07 The Danger of Laziness 24 3442 grace07 Devotionals
Chad God's Memorial Day 3 3427 Chad Devotionals
rjones Three aspects to the Cross 0 3414 rjones Devotionals
shortlady Those who believe in me, will live 0 3401 shortlady Devotionals
rjones The Creative Word of God 0 3379 rjones Devotionals
abraham God has a plan for everyone 2 3345 abraham Devotionals
Story-Teller Be slow to anger and quick to repent 0 3306 Story-Teller Devotionals
Ncdataman Guard Your Mind 0 3252 Ncdataman Devotionals
Word of Life God Spoke You Into Existence 0 3245 Word of Life Devotionals
Story-Teller When God Created Fathers 4 3209 Story-Teller Devotionals
shortlady Daily Bread (True Teamwork) 0 3199 shortlady Devotionals
shortlady Let's talk about Jesus Christ 1 3148 shortlady Devotionals
Story-Teller God Used a Toothache 0 3146 Story-Teller Devotionals
ladylovesJesus Daily In Christ/Dealing With Anxiety 0 3111 ladylovesJesus Devotionals
Chad Wake Up, Step Up, Pray Up 1 3104 Chad Devotionals
jcarney You can trust him! 1 3040 jcarney Devotionals
rizen1 "Cast Your Cares on Him" 1 3023 rizen1 Devotionals
rizen1 Called to be a saint 0 2979 rizen1 Devotionals
Chad Jesus Stills the Storm 0 2961 Chad Devotionals
abigya Forget Not His Benefits 1 2928 abigya Devotionals
ladylovesJesus The Word for Today/ All the grace we need 0 2903 ladylovesJesus Devotionals
shortlady Road that Leads to Destruction 1 2895 shortlady Devotionals
rjones 7 wonders of John 3:16 3 2893 rjones Devotionals
shortlady Reconcile with your Brother or Sister 0 2876 shortlady Devotionals