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Just4Chist Can God mend a broken relationship? 8 45019 Just4Chist Counseling
Faithful Son How to Plead the Blood of Jesus! 16 25562 Faithful Son Counseling
BritB Knowing Things Before They Happen.... 22 24804 BritB Counseling
jeffness Why do bad things constantly happen to me? 14 22738 jeffness Counseling
Chad What are some encouraging Bible verses? 10 21536 Chad Counseling
Samke please help me fight depression 17 17557 Samke Counseling
Glow Should I stop being friends with my atheist friend? 21 12345 Glow Counseling
Chad 10 Inspirational Bible Verses About Strength 0 12224 Chad Counseling
SavedByHim Doubting in my salvation 50 12181 SavedByHim Counseling
Stylez4Christ Why do I feel ugly 18 11652 Stylez4Christ Counseling
jeffness Hellp I think I'm going to hell 32 11332 jeffness Counseling
dcms Being told in my head I lost my Salvation 33 10340 dcms Counseling
Mirjam Can the devil make you negative ? 8 9278 Mirjam Counseling
Cichi2000 I keep messing up! 38 9236 Cichi2000 Counseling
Rachel15 I want to leave my church ... but is it right? 26 8791 Rachel15 Counseling
Rachel15 I don't want to see my dad anymore 33 8441 Rachel15 Counseling
Turbopun Lost Hope 32 8323 Turbopun Counseling
Word of Life Staying Married or Get Divorced 65 7798 Word of Life Counseling
Sleepy How do you stop hating yourself? 16 7457 Sleepy Counseling
Hannah Rachelle Why does God put us through "dry seasons"? 7 7011 Hannah Rachelle Counseling
pray for me why do I feel so discouraged? 8 6980 pray for me Counseling
rizen1 Suppression of emotions 24 6979 rizen1 Counseling
spicyjoe i need help about masturbating 57 6939 spicyjoe Counseling
lilyofthevalley If you deny Christ or lose your faith, is that it? 86 6906 lilyofthevalley Counseling
AbbysAunt God Wants Us All To Live and To Have An Abundant Life 1 6905 AbbysAunt Counseling
Janette Is it harder after Baptism? 6 6807 Janette Counseling
Rickeo Suicide 53 6769 Rickeo Counseling
JordanChambers Opening the bible at random... 12 6560 JordanChambers Counseling
minory girl how do I keep the enemy away? 8 6468 minory girl Counseling
Metamorphoze BDD [Body Dismorphic Disorder] 13 6316 Metamorphoze Counseling
Mike Jesus Gave Us Authority ! 11 6234 Mike Counseling
redeemed4life I'm miserable in my marriage, is there hope? 11 6209 redeemed4life Counseling
Jbessolo Can anyone suggest some bible verses 5 6193 Jbessolo Counseling
Coconut How Are Christians Happy? 4 6147 Coconut Counseling
setapart How do I stop being selfish? 14 5915 setapart Counseling
carlrose Feeling sad 6 5717 carlrose Counseling
Seeker Of Jesus I'm a goat! 21 5700 Seeker Of Jesus Counseling
Helios What does the bible say about people like me? 17 5516 Helios Counseling
oneiroer Part of me wants to be saved, but another part doesn't. 43 5511 oneiroer Counseling
Faithful Son I don't have free will 52 5448 Faithful Son Counseling
Coconut Waiting Time Is Not Wasted Time! 5 5406 Coconut Counseling
Sleepy Losing my relationship with God 9 5377 Sleepy Counseling
Word of Life Breaking Family Strongholds 20 5321 Word of Life Counseling
Stylez4Christ I'm a bit shy of being baptized this Saturday, help me! 31 5245 Stylez4Christ Counseling
Bumblebee Struggling with low self esteem 20 5239 Bumblebee Counseling
Coconut Run For Your Life! 22 5232 Coconut Counseling
verefx Wife is lying but swears she isn't, I need some guidance 30 5223 verefx Counseling
rizen1 Mental, Physical , Sexual Abuse 17 5177 rizen1 Counseling
jmduncan I'm lost please help 20 5167 jmduncan Counseling
Aurafairy Alone 27 5139 Aurafairy Counseling
reba giving up 23 5115 reba Counseling
anthony The Hundredfold Blessing…despite The Conditions 0 5055 anthony Counseling
Chad GOD's Yellow Pages 6 4987 Chad Counseling
Brigitte Njeri What does this dream mean? 6 4977 Brigitte Njeri Counseling
Brighthouse Fact vs truth!! 3 4941 Brighthouse Counseling
Kat13Rid I'm So Lost 8 4889 Kat13Rid Counseling
Victorman I'm lost. help me. 56 4806 Victorman Counseling
Seeker Of Jesus Contemplating on leaving my pentecostal congregation 9 4786 Seeker Of Jesus Counseling
rizen1 Finding Hope, Strength, and Comfort 2 4734 rizen1 Counseling
for christ lost my way from god . help and advice needed 7 4710 for christ Counseling
Scorpio Please help - I feel trapped in this life. 19 4676 Scorpio Counseling
Corrina Shunning a family member? 19 4668 Corrina Counseling
bamagrad05 Dealing with Singleness 11 4509 bamagrad05 Counseling
Irishmaestro Heeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! 42 4477 Irishmaestro Counseling
Coconut "Why Am I Suffering?" 5 4464 Coconut Counseling
spicyjoe My best friend betrayed me 12 4453 spicyjoe Counseling
meme Opinions about Religions .. !! 46 4399 meme Counseling
Chad Overcoming Backsliding 0 4375 Chad Counseling
angel rose Problems with my mum 16 4324 angel rose Counseling
ArmyWife08 Satan has been bothering me hard... 12 4304 ArmyWife08 Counseling
ArmyWife08 Married to an non-believer 9 4246 ArmyWife08 Counseling
steflou64 Help for unwanted blasphemous thoughts 23 4223 steflou64 Counseling
niumasi Agony of unrequited love 16 4211 niumasi Counseling
goldbaby777 suicide causing from evil people and spirits 35 4152 goldbaby777 Counseling
RayBan I need help...I need peace. 5 4105 RayBan Counseling
Mirjam Getting baptised 5 4041 Mirjam Counseling
jculver Goodbye my previous brothers and sisters 40 4023 jculver Counseling
Lanax Anxiety, OCD, Social Anxiety 9 4000 Lanax Counseling
Coconut The Making of a Man of God 12 3952 Coconut Counseling
littlelight Does the Enemy really attack successful believers? 42 3935 littlelight Counseling
jari Need advice on what it means to be saved 34 3919 jari Counseling
Mrs. Davis Do you ever get tired of failing? 10 3890 Mrs. Davis Counseling
Br. Bear Seasons of His Love 3 3870 Br. Bear Counseling
bratcliffe Help 31 3862 bratcliffe Counseling
Samulas Hope for a backslider? 55 3798 Samulas Counseling
SasyBoy Stopping Tithe 39 3791 SasyBoy Counseling
freeofpain A Letter I wrote to my Husband... advise 5 3786 freeofpain Counseling
Lanolin How to deal with freeloaders 71 3749 Lanolin Counseling
minory girl depression is killing me , help??? 21 3707 minory girl Counseling
Seeker Of Jesus What to do about my family using the Lords name in vain 11 3696 Seeker Of Jesus Counseling
Leash 19 and pregnant. Abortion? 7 3691 Leash Counseling
pixie Need Prayers to Resist Temptation 18 3666 pixie Counseling
Turbopun Flesh vs Satan 8 3652 Turbopun Counseling
acuzzort I wake up wanting to die, please help me 19 3626 acuzzort Counseling
girlforgod Living a lie 30 3596 girlforgod Counseling
Chad Practicing Biblical Meditation 8 3596 Chad Counseling
for christ I'm just in a mess..... help 27 3593 for christ Counseling
jari help... 51 3580 jari Counseling
for christ Is God angry at me ? 8 3558 for christ Counseling
smile How can I stop being insecure ? 6 3550 smile Counseling